Amoils originally claimed that H-Hemorrhoids worked by killing hemorrhoids, however, I don’t believe that to be the case. I think it works more by shrinking internal and external hemorrhoids until they no longer exist, through their selection of 100% organic essential oils.

That’s the claim, but is it all true? Is Amoils H-Hemorrhoids really able to do this?

Amoils essential oils for hemorrhoids From doing an analysis of H-Hemorrhoids, I found that Amoils H-Hemorrhoids do contain essential oils that have remarkable qualities for healing hemorrhoids, and these essential oils should definitely help you get rid of your hemorrhoids.

You can read more about these essential oils on my hemroids treatment comparison page, if you like.

So, YES, the essential oils do actually sound very good for helping to heal and get rid of external hemorrhoids, and should do so for you. With a no risk, money back guarantee to boot!

Order Heal Hemorrhoids and or Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids

I have always been concerned that the claims of the hemorrhoid treatments I ‘sell’ through my web site may not do what is claimed of them. So I put them to the test when I can. So, here’s our most impressive results with H-Hemorrhoids:

Photo Testing and Proof of the H-Hemorrhoids treatment

Just prior to using H-Hemorrhoids, you can see how tightly swollen the external hemorrhoid is.

Comments from the owner of this hemorrhoid appear under my own comments next to the photos.

external hemorrhoid two days after treatment with Heal Hemorrhoids 2 days after treatment with H-Hemorrhoids and you can see the tightness of the hemorrhoid appears to be diminishing slightly, and the height of the hemorrhoid appears to be dimishing, going on the the little skin fold that doesn’t appear to be looking as pronounced in it’s bend round the bottom of the hemrorrhoid.

“the first application of H-Hemorrhoids left the hemorrhoid feeling a bit warm, in a way similar to what Bengay may do to a muscle, but not nearly as pronounced.”

“palpation seems to indicate that the hemorroid has lost perhaps 15% of its mass within the last two days.  Itching and pain still are not present in any way.  I have noticed though, that the tissues inferior and superior to the hemorrhoid have become slightly inflamed and are turning a bit more reddish in color.  I attribute this to the Heal Hemorrhoid oils migrating outward from the point of application.  I am aware of this inflammation, but it is only mildly uncomfortable.

When applying the oils to both the hemorrhoid, and the feet, sensations of warmth are still felt.”

After four days of use with Heal Hemorrhoids 4 days after treatment with H-Hemorrhoids and the external hemorrhoid is obviously flattening out – shrinking in other words and being absorbed back into the body.

“The most noticeable thing is that the hemorrhoid seems to have gotten a little bit softer.”

6 days after use of Heal Hemorrhoids 6 days after treatment with H-Hemorrhoids and it looks like the hemorrhoid has been well and truly flattened and is almost gone.

“Perhaps the most notable two day change yet.  Overall, I would estimate that the hemmorhoid has diminished in size by 35 to 40% since it was first noticed on November 24th.  This takes into account that some of the mass seems to be out of the range of what the camera can capture.  No itching.  No pain.  No more redness or irritation in the adjacent tissues.  Still feel the warmth when applied to both the hemmorhoid and the feet.

…  It would be a lot easier to get out of the bottle … if there were an eyedropper …  However, this is a small price to pay if the product continues to be successful.”

8 days after using heal Hemorrhoids This is the hemorrhoid at day 8. Visually hard to say what is happening, the camera angle is different, and the hemorrhoid may be flattening out more which could give the look that it is getting wider, when it may be just be continuing to be reabsorbed. Also, the photo is zoomed in more, so of course it will look a little bigger. So proper comment is difficult. But the sufferers comment is worth noting:

“In the picture, the hemorrhoid does not look all that much smaller, but it definitely is smaller to the touch.  I think that a lot of swelling was underneath the skin, and that this has diminished.”

3 weeks after commencing Heal Hemorrhoids Well, this is the 3 week mark. The hemorrhoid does look a lot smaller than what it was at day 8, in both width and height. I get the feeling looking over these pictures and comments below, that this chaps lifestyle may have had something to do with the hemorrhoid appearing to get worse between the 6th and 8th day, and the hemorrhoid hasn’t fully recovered from it, as it still looks a bit worse than the 6 day photo.

“Here is the latest pic.  I have not changed the amount that is applied.  As far as activity, I am constantly being very physical.  For instance, last night, I played 3 hours of tackle football against a team of college aged football players.  Lots of running, lots of impact.  Playing lineman for a while certainly put a strain on this area.

Have maybe half of the bottle left.

I am not at all aware of the hemorrhoid, other than seeing it in the pictures.  I keep expecting to not see it at all.”

After using Heal Hemorrhoids for four weeks the external hemorrhoid picture shows great improvement. The 4 week mark: The improvement over this last week is excellent, and we can see how the external hemorrhoid has shrunk. What is most noteable is the comment – the rigorous physical activity appears to be keeping this hemorrhoid going:

“The hemorrhoid seems to have gotten a lot smaller, based upon how it felt when applying the ointment.  This decrease in size, may indeed be a result of not running over the holidays.  A picture will be coming later today.”

” I noticed that the color has changed significantly.  I hope that both of these things are good things.”

It worth mentioning, that if you don’t stop what is causing your hemorrhoids, your healing may be significantly slowed, as is shown by these photos.

In two days Heal Hemorrhois has done a great job of shrinking these hemorrhoids This external hemorrhoid photo taken 2 days after the one above. The hemorrhoid is continuing to shrink at a rapid rate. The fold of skin that you can see, appears to be a skin flap – a skin flap is a piece of skin that has been strectched too far and is unable to return to normal shape – skin flaps are often left behind when a largish hemorrhoid is reabsorbed.

Comment: “Much better now”

One month and four days after using Heal Hemorrhoids This one is also two days further on again, and it’s almost gone. The chap has resumed running, and so far it hasn’t caused a problem.

Comment: “The hemorrhoid has gotten much smaller.”

asd So this is 5 days later – now up to 1 month 1 week and 2 days. So, I think we can safely say that H-Hemorrhoids can heal an external hemorrhoid in about 5 to 6 weeks or less, and that’s when you don’treally try to get rid of it’s causes. So, if you do try and get rid of the causes, you can imagine how much faster it may work.

Comment: “The hemorrhoid is all but gone now.  I can only feel it a little bit with my finger.  The color seems to be back to normal as well.”

Personally, I’m not actually sure if the hemorrhoid is still there, or whether it’s some loose tissue I’m looking at.

Roughly two days later and the hemorrhoid is gone.

Roughly two days later and the hemorrhoid is gone.
Comment: “I do belive that the hemorrhoid is gone.  It does not show up on a picture, and I cannot feel it.  I hope that this trial helped you to evaluate the product.  If anything should arise again, I will be sure to let you know.
In the meantime, thank you for letting me try out the product!”

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Here’s our second test of H-Hemorrhoids:

This result was achieved in four weeks. He reports the external hemorrhoids are gone. You can actually see the massive swelling has subsided, with the crevice round the anus NOT filled in with swelling now. A fantastic result in quick order.

Another perspective of how bad these external hemorrhoids really areTwo small external hemroids, no, it's actually a large mass and you are only seeing the tips of the glacier so to speak=The result after using Heal Hemorrhoids for 4 weeks.

When I first saw the first two external hemorrhoid photos, like you I dare say, I didn’t realise they were the same ones, and I thought the guy was pulling my leg, now I realise why he was so desperate to find a cure for them.

On another note, his wife also used them, got a great relief, but sufferred an allergic reaction to the cyprus oil ingredient, and the area became red raw, and she had to discontinue use – at least with H-Hemorrhoids, if this were to happen to you, you have their guarantee to fall back on to get your money back. Try doing that with over the counter products!

So I have no hesitation in suggesting you use H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids if you have external hemorrhoids.

Saying that though does not mean that H-Hemorrhoids and Heal (H-)Bleeding Hemorrhoids are dangerous for use on internal hemorrhoids, it would certainly mean that they should work a whole lot faster, but you need to be aware that they may be too strong for use on internal hemorrhoids and talk it over with your doctor – like wise if prgenant or lactating, check out the pregnancy safe form of these products with your doctor.

One thing I do know, is that over the last three years since I started running ads for Amoils H-Hemorrhoids and Bleeding Hemorrhoids on this site, no one has ever come back and complained to me.

H-Hemorrhoids FAQ CONTENTS:

  • H-Hemorrhoids – claims and how it works
  • My suggestions about H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids
  • Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids – claims and how it works
  • How fast do H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids work?
  • How do you apply H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids?
  • What size bottle of H-Hemorrhoids and or Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids Should I buy?
  • How many bottles should you buy?
  • Storing H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids
  • How much is H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids?
  • How to order H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

H-Hemorrhoids FAQ

How does Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids work?

Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids is another of their products which works by reducing the inflamation in bleeeding external hemorhoids. By reducing the inflamation, the body directs much less blood to the area, reducing the bleeding from the hemorrhoids and stops the bleeding in the end.

Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids also works on anal fissures – by reducing the inflammation and resultant swelling, the anal fissure is able to heal much more easily. Again, made only from the best 100% organic essential oils.

If your external hemorrhoids are bleeding

A point worth mentioning, if your hemroids are bleeding, you must first use Heal Bleeding Hemroids, but once the bleeding hemroid has stopped bleeding, you should then use H-Hemorrhoids to get rid of the hemroid. Why? Because H-Hemorrhoids is a much stronger solution, unsuited for use on a bleeding hemorrhoid.

How fast do H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids take to work?

The ingredients are quickly absorbed into the hemorrhoid tissue and go to work straight away.

If you follow the directions, you get enough of the active ingredients into the hemorrhoids to do the job.

H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids are very concentrated active ingedient products – 100% pure organic essential oils are potent and are powerful – so follow the directions, don’t overdose!

For external hemorrhoids, most hemorrhoid sufferers can expect immediate symptom relief. For some, relief may be a bit slower coming, say 2 to 4 days.

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How do you apply H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids are applied topically to the hemorrhoids and also rubbed in to the soles of the feet. The latter is to encourage the uptake of the essential oils into the blood stream.

For internal hemorrhoids, Amoils suggests that the sufferer use a Q-Tip or eye dropper to insert a few drops of the essential oils into the anal canal – being oil, it will spread around fairly quickly and be absorbed.

For external hemorrhoids, you can use your finger or a q-tip.

What size bottle of H-Hemorrhoids and or Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids Should I buy?

After listening to the chap who kindly kept providing the photo updates above, I found out that the 33ml bottle I sent him was over half used at the 4 week mark, so the 11ml bottle would have been way too small.

For that reason my suggestions have changed drastically, and I firmly believe the 33ml bottle is the only size worthwhile buying, as far as getting rid of hemorrhoids is concerned. Yes you may have a bit to throw out or keep for a rainy day, but the cost of repeatedly buying an 11ml bottle – given the postal charges on the 11ml bottle and the product discount on the 33ml bottle – makes the 11ml bottle quite unattractive.

How many bottles should you buy?

Probably one 33ml bottle, because hemroids can be so symptom rich with pain and discomfort and bleeding, so having a left over on hand in case you get them again,or it doesn’t go away as fast as expected, is always a good idea. Amoils suggests, in a communique to me, that most hemorrhoid sufferers realise the importance of keeping some on hand. BUT, if you do buy an extra bottle, it’s only economical if you use it – if you don’t get hemorrhoids again, the extra bottle ( and hence your purchase price on the extra bottle), is wasted. Then again, stubborn hemorrhoids or much larger ones may require more than one large 33ml bottle.

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Storing H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Always remember to store these bottles of H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids in a cool and dark place, as sun and or prolonged heat will destroy the active ingredients in the essential oils. Also, exposure to air if the lid is left off will ruin it – the active ingredients in essential oils evaporate off very quickly. So leave the lid off for a few hours and you’ll need a new bottle of the stuff, even though the bottle may still be very full, the active ingredients are gone.

Also, pay strict attention to any use by date on the bottle/s, as the active ingredients may be decayed too much to work after said dates. I suspect essential oils may last up to 12 months if stored correctly.


How much does H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids cost?

For both: The 11ml bottle is  $26.95; the 33 ml bottle  $69.95

With the 33ml bottle you will normally have enough for your current hemroid episode with probably enough left over to help out (or get rid of) the next episode while you wait for your new order of H-Hemorrhoids and or Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids to arrive. You also save about 10% on the purchase price, and don’t have to pay three lots of postage and handling in comparison to the 11ml bottle.

With the 11ml bottle of H-Hemorrhoids or of Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids, there is a risk you may run out before the job is done, but I personally suggest this risk is likely small. If it happens though, it’s terrbily inconvenient.

How to Order H-Hemorrhoids and Heal Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

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