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Hemorrhoids Medical Treatments: CONTENTS THIS PAGE
1.. RELIEF of HEMROIDS - via NON-SURGICAL hemroid MEDICAL treatments MEDICATIONS or treatments medical personnel, such as doctors or Pharmacists, may Prescribe or Suggest for Hemroids and How the 3 types of hemroid medical treatments work.
2... ANAESTHETIC creams, lotions and suppositories for hemroids
3... VASOCONSTRICTORS for hemroids
4... ASTRINGENTS for hemroid relief

HEMROIDS - The NON-SURGICAL hemroid MEDICAL treatments

This is possibly only popular because this is one of the medical professions type of treatments - we use these nonsurgical medical interventions, because our doctors tells us to, so we do.

This type of non-surgical medical hemroid treatment, to be honest, is often extremely effective, but only for a short time.  Well worth using though, if your hemroid pain and discomfort have gone through the roof.

Other non-surgical treatments are available, Heal Hemorrhoids appears fantastic if you prefer a lotion to apply, Venapro is a great convenient pill to just swallow.  You can also read about them and much more on our hemroids medication review page.

However, non-surgical hemroids medical treatments do have another advantage, if you live in a country where doctors and medicines are paid for, you get the treatment essentially for free.

1... RELIEF of hemroids - via NON-SURGICAL hemroid MEDICAL treatments

which means the MEDICATIONS and other hemroid treatments your Doctor or Pharmacist may Prescribe or Suggest for Hemroids

  The three types of hemroid medical treatments and how they work

There are three basic types of non-surgical hemroid medical treatments. The first class of non-surgical hemroid medical treatments are anesthetic based creams and so on. These are the ones that numb the area so that you don't feel as much discomfort.

The second form of non-surgical hemroid medical treatments are the vasoconstrictors - by shrinking the blood vessels they cause hemroids, which are swollen blood vessels, to shrink also, thereby providing some symptomatic relief.

The third form of hemroid medical treatments are the astringents. This medical intervention works by causing both blood vessels and tissues to contract, which then bring relief from the hemroids

None of the non surgery hemroid medical treatments have long term lasting effects. You gain temporary relief from hemroid pain and discomfort - once the ingredients have worn off, the hemroid pain and discomfort return. There is no hemroid cure from using these medical treatments.

2... ANAESTHETIC creams, lotions and suppositories for hemroids:

Benzocaine - Benzocaine based medical creams and so on for hemroids, provide temporary pain relief, stops itching, as well as discomfort from hemroids. Benzocaine stops the nerve impulses caused by the hemroids, thereby stopping the pain and discomfort. Normally one takes a suppository in the morning and another at night, as well as after each bowel motion, to maintain hemroid relief.

Lignocaine - With hemroids, Lignocaine based suppositories work the same way as benzocaine ones.

Cinchocaine - Cinchocaine based intervention for hemroids combines a local anesthetic with hydrocortisone, an anti-infammatory. During first week of use, it is used once after the morning stool, once at lunch and once in the evening. During the second week, it is used once after the morning stool and once in the evening. During the third week, it is used once after the morning stool motion. Hemroids and hydrocortisone may not work well together on a long term basis, so consider seeing your doctor should hemroid discomfort return.

3... VASOCONSTRICTORS for hemroids:

Adrenaline - Adrenaline based medical ointments and suppositories for hemroids work by reducing the swelling of hemroids temporarily. The Adrenaline based preparations for hemroids provide relief from the hemroid symptoms of itching, irritation and discomfort.

4... ASTRINGENTS for hemroid relief:

Astringent based medical creams and suppositories for hemroids can be used for some hemroid relief. The medical hemroids one, being a mixture of astringent zinc oxide and antiseptic Balsam of Peru. Use once morning and night, as well as after each bowel motion, to maximize relief from hemroids. Special hemroids wipes, with these properties, can also be purchased and used instead of toilet paper.

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