Hemroids creams have been around for quite a while, and while the herbal variety may seem to be a relatively new addition based on the new “alternative medicine” craze sweeping today’s world, in fact many herbal hemroids creams rate among the oldest standby remedies for hemroids.

Herbal hemroids creams have much to recommend them, especially to people who are sensitive to allopathic medications or accompanying chemicals found in more mainstream creams.

Herbal hemroids creams usually consist of an extract of one or more herbs, suspended in an emollient base made up of some kind of oil, such as apricot kernel or almond, combined with a stabilizing ingredient such as glycerin, beeswax, or other suspensor.

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All creams are basically emulsions, which is to say they’re made of two substances which normally don’t mix that have been convinced to do so by a temperature differential or extreme agitation.

Normal household examples of emulsions are such creamy substances as mayonnaise (oil and eggs) and chocolate icing (chocolate and cream).


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When it comes to hemroids creams, these carrier ingredients frequently also provide beneficial effects such as moisturizing and providing a barrier against irritation.

In addition to these three key ingredients, most herbal hemroids creams will include a few others for preservation, long-term stability, and occasionally fragrance or color.

The key to choosing a good herbal hemroid cream is to find a reputable company and check to ensure the ingredients are pure and preferably grown organically when applicable.


Are herbal hemroids creams an alternative to traditional hemroids management

Are herbal hemroids creams a substitute for more traditional remedies?

Herbal hemroids cream can be used effectively in place of other hemroids creams if you find that they work better for you, but herbal remedies work best as a part of an integrated hemroid management plan.

Many of the remedies that serve to eventually cure hemroids are part of an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle, such as healthy diet and reasonable exercise.

However, modern medicine has come up with some wonderful hemroid crisis treatments, and your doctor’s medical advice should never be ignored.

In other words, if using herbal hemroid remedies fits in with your values, your choices, or works well for you, then you should of course use it, but herbal remedies alone, without a lifestyle change, will not effectively treat hemroids, and a herbal remedy is no substitute for surgery when a hemroid develops thrombosis.


Which herbal hemroids cream works?

The herbal creams that work on hemroids will feature a relatively small variety of herbs.

One of the most common is witch hazel extract, which can also be obtained in moistened pad form to help with hemroid hygiene. Witch hazel in a hemroids cream is used for its astringent effects, which cause skin cells to dry out and shrink back down. If your hemroids are inflamed and swollen, the relief this brings can seem like a miracle.

Cranesbill, or true geranium as it’s sometimes called, is a slightly more rare astringent that is gaining popularity in hemroid relief creams. Cranesbill is native to the Americas, and in fact was used by Native Americans for the exact same problem.

Hemroids cream may also contain Aloe vera which helps to control hemroid symptoms due to its soothing properties. Instead of an astringent, aloe vera seems to work as an anti-inflammatory, although clinical trials are still ongoing to find the exact mechanism by which aloe does its work. Clinical studies have shown, however, that aloe vera gel applied externally relieves symptoms of skin irritation quite quickly and effectively.

Herbal hemroids creams may also include honey, as it has been shown to have a skin-soothing effect. However, be extremely careful with honey if you decide to use it, as the sugars that honey contains may provide a perfect breeding ground for some varieties of bacteria.

The last herb most commonly found in herbal hemroids creams is butcher’s broom, which has vasoconstricting properties. This means that the extract will cause swollen, inflamed blood vessels to get smaller. While this can be very beneficial to hemroid sufferers, don’t use it if you currently suffer from problems with blood pressure or take medication which might interact badly with a vasoconstrictor. If take prescription medication and you don’t know if it will cause a problem, ask your pharmacist about interactions.


Herbs you shouldn’t find in a herbal hemroids cream

There are a few more herbs commonly recommended for hemroids that you shouldn’t take in cream form, such as horse chestnut orJapanese Pagoda Tree extract.

The reason is that some medications require metabolization before they start to be effective. In other words, they don’t start working until your body has started to digest them. These medications will do you no good whatsoever if they’re just applied to your skin, they have to go through your stomach and intestine first.

While such ingredients in a hemroids cream probably won’t harm you, it would be a waste of time and money to buy them. In addition, some hemroids creams found on the market today advertise other herbs, such as woodruff or white oak, as their main ingredient. While it is believed by the herbal community that these herbs provide relief for irritated skin, the clinical research on hemroid effectiveness either does not yet exist or is so sketchy as to be suspect at this time.


herbal hemroids cream warnings

Always test a new substance, including any new hemroid cream, on another area of the body first.

The best testing area is the skin on the inside of your elbow. Place a dab of the hemroids cream there and wait for twenty four hours before applying to the delicate, already irritated skin of your hemroid.

This is to make sure that you don’t have any unknown sensitivity to any ingredient in the cream. If you do have a sensitive reaction, try a cream with different carrier ingredients, as it can be difficult to discern exactly what you’re sensitive to.

This goes for any topical hemroids cream, whether herbal or not.

In addition, if you ever develop further irritation after applying hemroid cream, stop applying it immediately.

Last, if you’re doing everything you can and your hemroid symptoms persist longer than a week, go see a doctor. Take with you everything you’ve been using in a bag and doing written on a list so your doctor has complete information to work with.

A good herbal hemroid cream put out by a reputable company can be an incredibly useful addition to your hemroid symptom relief repertoire.

Be aware that herbal substances are frequently not subject to the same testing standards as traditional medications.

When you cannot find if a company selling a hemroids cream is reputable, you do not know if the herbs have been grown in appropriate conditions or next to a highway, absorbing toxic chemicals from passing cars.

Additionally, herbs may not have been harvested under optimal conditions, which causes them to lose medicinal qualities, or they may have been stored in poor conditions for too long to have any effect.

A good way to find out is to call your local health food or organic store and ask for recommendations.

In addition, when considering a herbal remedy company, check to see where in the world they’re headquartered, and how long they’ve been operational. The good companies have usually been in business quite some time and ought to be able to answer any and all of your questions freely.

By following these guidelines and your own common sense, you can enjoy the significant benefits of herbal hemroids creams worry-free.

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