Hemorrhoids develop because everyone in the world has hemorrhoidal veins that can develop weak points. Those weak points can occur because of a poor diet, a lack of muscle tone in the vein walls, or genetics. Once the weak points have developed, any increase in abdominal blood pressure can cause one of those weak points to give way, which then balloons out to become a hemorrhoid – it is this process that describes the development of a hemorrhoid. So, hemorrhoids develop because of weak spots in hemorrhoidal veins, coupled with abdominal pressure – that is increased blood pressure in those veins. Naturally, all hemorrhoid prevention is designed to address one or the other of those two hemorrhoid mechanisms.

Once a hemorrhoid has begun developing from a weak point in a vein, it starts dragging surrounding tissue with it to form a miserable lump of tenderness. The same things that causes hemorrhoids to develop in the first place also make them get bigger and bigger until it hammers past any attempt to ignore it. Anything and everything that causes inflammation or strain on the anorectal area will inevitably make any hemorrhoid development worsen.

How do you get hemorrhoids is also answered by understanding the causes of your hemroid aka hemorrhoid. So, if you want to stop your hemorrhoids developing further, or to start making them shrink back down, eliminating the causes at work in your life can help do that rather well and this page gives you many suggestions on how to do that.

What predisposes one to develop or get hemorrhoids?

Some people are born with a genetic predisposition to weak vein systems. These genetic factors don’t cause hemorrhoids to develop directly, but the probability of hemorrhoids increases exponentially. Weak tone in the circulatory muscles allows hemorrhoids to pop right out, while weak vein valves can allow the blood pressure in the veins to back up and cause serious problems. If you have these genetic traits, or if you notice that hemorrhoids seem to develop easily, you need to develop a hemorrhoids prevention plan early and stick to it as much as possible.

Another big factor in hemorrhoid development is age. Increasing age directly leads to the loss of tissue elasticity. If your anorectal tissues aren’t as elastic and resilient as they used to be, then they will develop weak points a lot more quickly. More weak points in the hemorrhoidal veins naturally leads directly to more hemorrhoids developing. In addition, as you get older your digestion gets less efficient and you’re much more likely to get constipated, which increases blood pressure in the hemorrhoidal area. So, while you may not have ever had to worry about hemorrhoids when you were younger, they may easily begin to develop as the years go by.

There are also a few health problems that can cause hemorrhoids to develop. Obesity, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, liver disease, and irritable bowel syndrome are the most common health conditions that have been identified as causing hemorrhoids to develop. Unfortunately, in many cases the hemorrhoids won’t completely go away unless the health condition in question is dealt with effectively. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying to minimize the impact of hemorrhoids as much as possible in your day to day life.

Pregnancy hormones are also notoriously known for causing hemorrhoids to develop. The hormones make the hemorrhoidal veins even more weaker/stretchier, but as the hormones return to normal after the pregnancy, the hemorrhoid development goes into reverse as the veins become more normal again, and most pregnancy hemorrhoids vanish in the end.

How Do You Get Hemorrhoids? The 11 lifestyle factors responsible for you getting hemorrhoids:

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Mountain bike riding had long been associated with developing hemorrhoids

Straining on the toilet
Wiping too hard
Anal sex
Occupation and or Sport
Heavy lifting
High blood pressure
Sitting too long
Physical inactivity

How hemorrhoids develop? How do you get hemorrhoids? Conclusion

Some things, like genetic factors, health conditions, and increasing age, are beyond your control. There’s nothing you can do to change what you were born with, and time certainly does not move backwards at anyone’s command. Diseases don’t usually ask permission to start causing havoc, and pregnancies cause all kinds of bodily changes without so much as a “by your leave”.

But knowing why hemorrhoids develop, how they develop, allows you to build a hemorrhoid prevention strategy, that may just stop new hemorrhoids from developing, and get rid of your old hemorrhoids, whether life style caused or gentically predisposed.

Written by Loni Ice and Donald Urquhart.

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