Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Or How to aggravate those annoying lumps no end ! Or How to feed your friends and loved ones so they'll possibly never come back ! Or How to get back at people without really trying and still appear to be nice.

Jokes aside, you can find information in a lot of places about the benefits of a hemorrhoids diet and good foods that you should eat. However, a comprehensive listing and explanation of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids is often a bit harder to find. Naturally, if you're going to cure hemorrhoids and avoid hemorrhoids in the future, knowing what foods to avoid when you or a loved one has hemorrhoids is a very good idea.

The first key to figuring out what foods to avoid with hemorrhoids is to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

If you eat a particular food and your hemorrhoids flare up or you always get constipation or diarrhea, then it's a sign that that's one of the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. If you have no idea what foods cause problems for your hemorrhoids or your gastrointestinal tract, then it's high time to start paying a lot more attention when you eat. Most adults have bowel movements every day to every three days. You probably should start trying to keep track of yours and what they're like. This will give you both a better idea of what foods to avoid with hemorrhoids and about your overall gastrointestinal health.


Binding Foods To Be Avoided When Hemorrhoids are Present

The first category of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids are those foods that bind up the intestinal tract and cause constipation. Constipation can be caused by a couple of different things. Alcohol and narcotics can have a direct chemical effect on the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract and cause it to move slower, which can cause constipation. However, some of the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids just absorb a lot of water and move very slowly through your large intestine.

Some of these foods to avoid with hemorrhoids that are listed below, are normally good for most humans, but may have a constipating effect on you in particular.


Irritating Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Of course, constipation isn't the only culprit when it comes to causing hemorrhoids. Diarrhea and anything that irritates the large intestine can cause serious problems too. If a food causes you stomachaches, heartburn, nausea or other gastrointestinal misery, then it's probably one of the foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. If you really love one of these foods, then you might be able to have it in extreme moderation, but these foods should not comprise a large part of your hemorrhoids diet.


Dehydrating Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids


Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids: In Conclusion

Of course, biological systems like the human system aren't as cut and dried as we would like them to be sometimes. Creating a hemorrhoids diet that includes good hemorrhoids foods and eliminates all of the foods to avoid can sometimes be difficult. In reality, there is a continuum of foods, with some being healthier than others. Of course, you should eliminate entirely the extreme end of the foods that you know is definitely not good for you. For other things, though, use common sense. Fresh vegetables are best, of course, but if you can't get them then frozen is better than canned, which is better than none at all. Healthy nuts are better than a cake made with lots of fat, lots of sugar, and bleached flour. Try to pick the best possible foods, but do the best with what you have when it comes to avoiding foods that can aggravate hemorrhoids.

When it comes to foods to avoid with hemorrhoids, treat these guidelines as just that, guidelines. Your hemorrhoids won't come raging back if you have a small slice of cake once a month. If you enjoy any of the foods you should be avoiding, just plan to reintroduce them as rare treats once your hemorrhoids are gone. However, while your hemorrhoids are still present, then you probably want to eliminate as many of the foods as you possibly can. The more efficient you can make your diet and lifestyle, the quicker the hemorrhoids will vanish for good.


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