1… Hemroids Alternative Treatment using Acupuncture and or Acupressure

Acupuncture and/or acupressure is also sometimes used to relieve and treat either internal or external hemroids. Enough studies have been done on the ancient Eastern medical technique of acupressure for the World Health Organization to accept it as a viable method of treatment, so some relief might be found here.

Of course, acupuncture is not for the needle-phobic, so if such an alternative treatment is desired but you think you just can’t take the needles, try acupressure instead, which works by using a finger or smooth rock to put concentrated pressure on the area that normally would be punctured.

Many countries have a system to certify and educate acupuncture practitioners, so make sure that the acupuncturist you choose has all of their qualifications in good standing and up to date.


2… Aromatherapy is another Hemroids Alternative Treatment, as well as a source of alternative hemroids medicines – the essential oils

Aromatherapy has been used on hemroids as an alternative treatment, although information on effectiveness to provide hemroid relief or cure is still somewhat lacking, due to the relative newness of the technique in being used for hemroids.  Most people also shy away from aromatherapy, as few can see the value of a nice smell for hemroids relief, but how wrong they may be.

What is Aromatherapy for hemroids?

Hemroid relief through aromatherapy is achieved in one of several ways.  Aromatherapy is herbal medication – plant essential oils – that are often absorbed into the body through inhalation, like an asthma puffer gives inhaled medication to an asthma sufferer.

Aromatherapy can can also be applied as a topical solution to the skin and absorbed through the skin for hemroid relief.  It is more the application of plant essential oils to bring hemroid relief, than some ethereal nice aroma that dulls the mind and somehow magically heals the hemroid – if that’s what you were thinking.

Just to clarify aromatherapy and hemroids relief even further.  They may be called essential oils, but for the most part they are not oils, but rather highly concentrated active ingredients derived from plants.

Heal Hemorrhoids, is a commercially available essential oil that is well researched and spoken highly of in some newsagent magazines.  It is used topically.

The aromatherapy oils for hemroids relief and how to apply

Lavender and jasper oil are currently the most frequently recommended for hemroid relief and treatment. Dilute five drops of each essential oil in two tablespoons of a carrier oil such as sweet almond or apricot oil, and apply to your temples or place in a wet potpourri pot to simmer and release the scent upon the air.

Aromatherapy as a topical ointment:  Blend 2 drops lavender oil with 1 drop geranium oil with 1 ounce of a carrier oil.  Apply to the area directly for external hemroids relief.

Some aromatherapists advise adding the oil to sitz-baths for hemroid relief and treatment, but that can be dangerous in the case of prolapsed hemroids which may absorb the essential oils too well. No aromatherapy oil is ever supposed to be taken internally, unless under the close scrutiny of an aromatherapist who knows what they are doing.

Putting essential oils into a sitz bath can cause just that problem when internal hemroids are showing themselves, so it’s not recommended that you do this off your own back.

For external hemroids, hemroids relief through an aromatherapy sitz bath may work wonders.  Prepare the shallow hot bath. Mix the aromatherapy oils in well – 20 drops lavender and 20 drops juniper.  Soak your bottom and external hemroids for 20 minutes and feel the relief.

When considering aromatherapy for hemroids relief, also consider the following:

Essential oils that are over a year old are practically useless medicinally, so don’t try them. In addition, only purchase pure essential oils from a reputable company. Pure essential oils are not combined with anything else, and should have a Latin form name on them somewhere that says from exactly what plant the oil came from.

If you leave the essential oils in open air, like accidentally leave the lid off the bottle, most of the medicine component of the essential oils would have evaporated within 24 hours, just leaving a nice smelling solution behind.

Proprietary blends, which commonly feature such names as amber oil or blessing oil, may have pretty scents but they are not pure and do not carry the medicinal properties of real essential oils. In addition, many blends only have a tiny amount of essential oil carried in a much larger amount of relatively cheap carrier oil like canola, so paying thirty dollars a bottle for it is a bit outrageous and will give you no relief from your hemroids.

Aromatherapy and hemroids relief in conclusion

The essential oils unique attribute in aromatherapy for hemroids is when the essential oils work off of the same medication delivery system as an asthma inhaler, specifically through your nasal passages and lungs. Certainly a more easier and pleasanter way of achieving hemroids relief.

While many people regard the pleasant scent of aromatherapy to be it’s most attractive feature, what you smell merely indicates the presence of medicine and not the sum total of what aromatherapy is supposed to do for your hemroids relief.


3… Herbal hemroids relief and cure has been around a lot longer than modern treatments, but today it falls under the heading of alternative treatments.

The herbal hemroid relief remedies most often recommended include butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, and pilewort. Each of these herbal medications carries their own potential side effects and risks, so only use them with a qualified herbal practitioner’s instruction. Chamomile and calendula external compresses can also be beneficial, and are much safer for home use.

This is quite a large body of information – click on the underlined to go to the herbal remedies for hemroids.


4… Homeopathy also provides alternative hemroids treatment and uses alternative medicinal solutions that you take by mouth.

homeopathic remedy is defined as a remedy that produces the same symptoms as the patient is complaining of, to try to stimulate the self-healing properties of the body into fixing the original problem.

It sounds a little counter-intuitive, but there are those who swear by its abilities and results, for healing and providing hemroids relief.

Precautions for using homeopathy for hemroids relief:  If you suffer from autoimmune disorder or are allergic to any of the ingredients used, then avoid.

Homeopathic preparations for hemroids relief or cure must be commercially made, and they can never be produced at home. Those who try to produce homeopathic remedies at home run the risk of having too low a dose to be effective, or poisoning themselves, and the line between the two is very, very fine.

If you are going to try and treat yourself this way – not recommended without a professional homeopathic practitioner – you would need to restrict the potency to below 30X or 30C.  Potency is a standard of measurement in homeopathy.  If you go above 30, then you really need to have a homeopathic health professional take care of you.

Homeopathic medicines are taken orally, including those for hemroids relief and cure, but be sure to restrict yourself to the amounts stated, as too high or too low amounts may render the treatment ineffective.

The homeopathic preparations for hemroids relief and treatment commonly include such ingredients as apis mellifica, collinsonia canadensis, aesculus hippocastanum, aloe, arnica montana, calcarea fluorica, graphite such as you find in pencils, nitricum acidum, nux vomica, peony, ignatia, pulsatilla, and sulfur.

As some of these items can be downright poisonous if taken in the wrong dosage, again, only use homeopathic remedies for hemroids relief that are commercially prepared and from a company with a quite good reputation.

The tricky part in using homeopathy for hemroid relief, well, each of those different ingredients above will often work on different hemroid symptoms, so in order to obtain hemroids relief, you are going to have to figure out which ones address which symptom and then select the ones you think will achieve the hemroids relief and or cure your after.  This is a project we are currently working on, but have completed part, as can be seen in the table below.


Hemroid Homeopathy Table

Homeopathic remedy based on presenting hemroid symptoms

Homeopathic remedy by Hemroid symptoms
pathic remedy
ish Pain
Sore Aching Pain Swollen Pro-
Spasms Burn-
. . . . . . . . . . .
Aesculus Hippo-
Y Y Y Y . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Aloe . . . Y Y . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Arnica Montana . Y . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Calcarea Fluorica . Y . . . Y Y . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Graphites . Y . . . . Y . Y .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Hamamelis . Y . . . Y . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Ignatia Y . . . . . . Y . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Nux Vomica . Y . . . . Y . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
Pulsatilla Y . . . . . Y . . Y
. . . . . . . . . . .
Sulphur Y . . . . . . . Y .

How to use the homeopathic hemroid remedy

Essentially you follow the directions on the label or instruction leaflet, that the homeopathic remedy comes with.


Final Remarks on Homeopathy for Hemroids

The best method by which to check a homeopathic company’s reputation is to call around to several different local health food or herb stores and ask for recommendations or references. Never take either a homeopathic or an herbal company’s word on their own reputation, always check it with outside parties.

If using a homeopathic practitioner, don’t be afraid to ask them about their training and experience.

Finally, always remember, no one treatment I expect will work for every one.  If you feel homeopathy may be your way to obtain hemroids relief, then it may do everything you hope for.


WARNING – MUST READ:  The lack of a scientific base in using homeopathy for hemroids.

On doing much further research, Loni has found that homeopathy has little scientific justification in it’s use for hemroids.  The scientific consensus appears to be that it just wont work – the amount of active ingredient is just so low in homeopathic hemroid remedies, that it is unlikely to have any effect on the human body what so ever.

Research and main write by Loni L. Ice, editing by D. S. Urquhart.

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