From my perspective, it is normally a good idea to use two types of hemroid herbs and plants – the ones to cure and the symptom relief ones – so that while some herbs are healing your hemroids, other herbs are providing symptom relief so that you can still get on with enjoying life in the meantime.

The use of hemroid fighting herbs makes good sense – with most being used to combat hemroids for centuries, perhaps even millenniums.

For fast, natural and effective herbal based hemroids remedies, Heal Hemorrhoids appears excellent if you prefer a lotion to apply, for a pill to swallow Venapro stands out as the best.  You can also read about them and much more on our hemroids medication review page.

We have two pages devoted to the use of herbs in the treatment of hemroids.  This page is devoted to natural ingredients and herbs that can alleviate the symptoms of hemroids.  Stop the itchies, the pain and discomfort.

Our other page is devoted to the use of herbs to cure hemroids and the herbs listed there may not provide the immediate relief that the herbs listed on this page might.


Our latest addition is this hemroid herb remedy:

Japanese Pagoda Tree appears useful for many hemroid symptoms

The Japanese pagoda tree extract appears to have several beneficial results in effecting a herbal based hemroid relief.

Specifically, this hemroid herbal remedy, helps maintain vein health, BUT it helps with some significant hemroid symptoms, being inflammation, itching, bleeding and burning.

A general all round hemroids herbal remedy, which seems worthwhile to consider.

The Mullein plant is used as a hemroid herbal remedy for pain relief

1.. The astringent type of herbal remedy for hemroids which are applied to the hemroids

A cool herbal compress of strongMullein infusion or of blackberry juice(watch the staining though) or of lemon juice, or a cream of witch hazel or several drops of witch hazel on a cloth, applied to the hemroids may help alleviate hemroid inflammation, may help reduce the size of the hemroids, as well as possibly reduce any hemroid bleeding.

It’s the astringent properties of the herbs and fruit juices that make them effective for hemroid relief. If you find they aggravate, don’t use.

Plantain can be used is a herbal remedy for hemroids

2.. Plantain, a Soothing, anti itch Herbal Remedy for Hemroids

Plantain is a herb that can be directly applied to the hemroid. Plantain soothes the pain and relieves the itching.

3.. Butcher’s Broom – a Herbal Remedy for Hemroids that Shrinks the Swollen Tissue

Butcher’s Broom has good anti-inflammatory properties and constricts blood vessels, which makes it a good herbal remedy for hemroids. Butcher’s broom can be taken orally as a tablet, or as a tea. Butcher’s broom can also be applied as a lotion to hemroids.

More specifically, when using butcher’s broom as herbal lotion or cream for hemroids, take 10 to 15 drops of butcher’s broom tincture, or 500 to 1000mg of butcher broom powder. Add to 1/4 cup beeswax. Apply generously to the area of hemroid discomfort.

One can also add a three drops of vitamin E and three drops of aloe gel to the mixture to aid healing and further reduce inflammation, with this herbal remedy for hemroids.

If orally taking butcher’s broom as a herbal remedy for hemroids, the guide line appears to be 400 mgs butcher’s broom three times a day – butcher’s broom standardized to around 10% composition ruscogenin – ruscogenin being the active ingredient in butcher’s broom.

If using a tea of butcher’s broom as a herbal remedy for hemroids, the procedure is to take 1 to 2 grams butcher’s broom in 1 cup boiling water – stir on and off for ten minutes. Strain the liquid and drink up to four cups a day.


4.. The Garlic herbal remedy

Like the potato remedy, this garlic herbal remedy is used like a suppository is.   A freshly peeled clove of garlic is inserted into the rectum – the “open” area sitting just up inside of the anal opening – after bowel movements.  For best results replace the clove before bed.  Use daily until symptoms have abated.


5.. Aloe Vera, again, more a natural plant extract than a herbal remedy for hemroids as such, but appears good for hemroids also.

Aloe Vera can be directly applied to the hemroids to help promote the healing of hemroids.

Aloe vera juice, drunk at 99% purity, is said to be a helpful hemroids remedy with both types of hemroids as well.


6.. Herbal and other natural stool softeners, like psyllium seed, that are good for natural hemroid relief:

Aloe Vera juice, or Mullein (for example, mullein tea), or psyllium seed, when taken orally can soften stools – it’s the fibre in them – and thereby they can reduce bleeding from hemroids by not damaging the hemroids as the stool passes through, as well as bring hemroid relief by the same way. They also tend to be good to take if you suffer constipation.

More on the popular psyllium seed as a herbal remedy for hemroids:

It is an ingredient in Metamucil and some other stool softening supplements. Fibre creates soft stools by it’s ability to absorb and hold water, so it’s necessary to drink plenty of water with it for the fibre to do it’s job properly.

One popular way of incorporating psyllium seed to combat hemroids, is to slowly increase the dosage of psyllium seed in one’s diet over three weeks. If one went to the full therapeutic dose immediately, letting off gas could become a problem for you and those around you.

First week: one teaspoon of psyllium seeds per cup of water, once a day, preferably taken with breakfast. Second week, same, but do again with lunch. Third week – breakfast, lunch and dinner. At this point your stools should be passing through quite easily and having minimal impact on your hemroids. In fact, your hemroids may start vanishing as constipation and straining to pass stools should be no more. Such straining and constipation were most likely contributing to or causing your hemroid problem.

As a herb remedy for hemroids, psyllium seed appears very useful.

7.. Peruvian Balsam is also a little known herbal remedy for hemroids.

Peruvian Balsam, normally used in suppository form or applied directly to the hemroids.  This hemroid herb works as germ killer and possibly aids the healing of hemroids. This hemroid herb should not be used for more than one week at a time.

8.. The steps involved in making your own herbal hemroid hemroid medicine:

It can be quite time consuming to try and defeat one’s hemroids from scratch, on one’s own, but you can put together your own herbal hemroid medications from the information provided on our web site, such hemroid medications can be quite expensive to make – all the herbal ingredients, e.g. mullien, plantain, witch hazel and so on can be expensive to buy. How much it costs depends on the quantity and quality of the herbs and other ingredients you use.

Also check out the herbs used for curing hemroids and the ingredients in the alternative hemroid medications on this web site for even more herbs to choose from.

Next you need to measure out the quantities you want to include in your hemroid medicine of each of the herbs you have selected, mix them together and then decide how you want to use the hemroid medication you made.

 If you want to consume the hemroid medicine orally, select herbs that are safe for this purpose, then you divide your hemroid medication into individual serving sizes and decide whether you want to then fit your medicine into capsules, which you will need to buy, or press the medicine into tablets, or try taking it off a spoon or making a tea of the hemroid medication if it is suitable for infusion.

If you want to use the hemroid herbal medication you made as cream to topically apply to your hemroids, then you will need to make a base for it.  Beeswax or similar may be of use as a base and may be useful as a lubricant for any prolapsed hemroids or external hemorrhoids.

Then you mix your selected hemroid herbs into the base.    You may need to grind your herbs into a fine powder first, so that the ingredients are not scratchy and to make sure the herbs are evenly distributed through the base.

If you decide to use the essential oils from the herbs, then they will be much easier to mix into the base and will not require the added task of grinding the herbs up.

Be aware of the shelf life of the herbal hemroid medication that you just made.  My guess is, that if the ingredients you bought had a good shelf life left in them, then that remaining shelf life is still going to be good, unless the herb is subject to oxidation once the original packaging is broken.  Air tight containers for the storage of your hemroid medication may be good for getting around this problem to some extent.

Do you save any money making your own hemroid medication?  Not really, as you are paying retail prices on all the ingredients you use, including the capsules if you use them, plus you have to buy any special tools, such as a tablet press.

Why make your own hemroid medication? You are making it to be in complete control, putting in exactly what you want, in the ratios you want.

9.. Aromatherapy as a hemroid herbal remedy?

Some aromatherapists claim that breathing in the fumes of cypress, frankincense, myrrh or juniper can help alleviate the suffering from hemroids.  Sometimes the essential oils are rubbed into the heals of the feet, used in a sitz bath, applied to the hemroid, or if suitable, in a body massage.

We have a much larger section on Aromatherapy and hemroids, in hermoids relief.

10.. Warning about hemroids and herbal remedy

A word of caution: Any hemroid herbal remedy that is taken orally, especially to keep stools regular, need to be looked at closely to make sure they don’t have long term damaging effects – The fibre ones appear to be alright, but some herbal remedies for hemroids rely on herbs that over stimulate the colon and may result in permanent damage to the colon, such as Sienna.


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