There are a vast number of hemroid relief products on the market. One of the reasons why there are so many hemroid relief products is because hemroids can cause discomfort in so many different ways.

As a result, we have broken this page on hemroids relief into sections based on the symptoms you may have. Different hemroids symptoms calls for a different hemroids relief / remedy. You wouldn’t bother applying and taking things to stop bleeding internal hemroids, unless you had bleeding internal hemroids – true?

Some of the hemroids relief strategies you can do at home, and for the most part wont cost you much, if anything. Such hemroids relief strategies are particularly good if you are on a tight budget. So buying a hemorrhoids cream or suppository, for example, may help you real fast in getting that hemroids relief, but there are others way to help yourself attain hemroids relief as well, which we also cover in depth.

Of course, the second big reason for so many hemroids relief products, is because the pain and discomfort is so excruciating and so hard to avoid, that people realized there was a real need for such products in the market place, so a plethora of such hemroid relief creams and lotions and mechanical aids became available.

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There is nothing worse than the unrelenting pain and discomfort that hemroids can cause, but hemroids relief can often be close at hand, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do, what to take, and when to do it all.

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1… Hemroids Relief for Pain

Hemroids can be quite painful, especially external hemroids which sit on or near the band of sensitive nerves around the anal sphincter – so quick and effective hemroids relief from pain becomes a priority to even have enough capacity to even think about longer term treatment.

There are a few methods to relieve hemroid pain that do not require a special trip to the pharmacy, and these hemroids pain relievers are usually the front line for quick pain relief.

Sitz baths are an old hemroids pain relief standby. To take a sitz bath, draw 2 to 3 inches, about 5 to 8 cm, of very warm, plain water in a clean bathtub, then sit in it for fifteen to twenty minutes. The warmth of the water usually serves to reduce pain and inflammation in the immediate area of the hemroids, which might allow one to think effectively about what to do next.

Do not add anything to the water, harsh cleansers or soaps will only make the inflammation, and therefore the pain, worse. In addition, never scrub or scratch hemroids, again, this will only make them worse.

Hemroids are in approximately the same category of potential annoyance as poison ivy, and can require just as much self control to deal with the problem.

In addition to taking an immediate sitz bath for hemroids pain relief, never strain or stay on the toilet for an extended length of time while trying to have a bowel movement, especially when hemroids are already painful.

The very act of sitting on a toilet puts further strain on hemroids, as does, of course, straining, and both can make hemroids pain worse.

Raising your feet on a small stool or lifting the heels up off the floor while sitting on the toilet can help relieve the stress and therefore bring hemroids pain relief as well.

Use only plain, soft toilet paper, as the perfumes and dyes found in fancier sorts of tissue may make the pain and problems worse.

Walking around can assist with hemroids pain relief as well, as sitting for long periods of time can make hemroids worse and walking gets the blood flowing more efficiently, which can help with the inflammation that causes pain.

Once you get to the point where you’re not howling and visiting your local pharmacy is an option, many more hemroids pain relief methods become available.

The most effective and immediate methods by which to attain hemroids pain relief come in the form of anesthetic creams such as lidocaine, benzocaine, benzyl alcohol, dibucaine, dyclonine, pramoxine and tetracaine. These ingredients for hemroids pain relief can most often be found on the drug information panel of any given over the counter medication.

Brand names with these anesthetics include Anusol, Fleet Pain Relief, Hemorid and Lanacaine creams, but feel free to ask your pharmacist about any other options, especially if you have other medical conditions which might influence your choice of hemroids pain relief medication.

Witch hazel and aloe creams or pads are well known for being immediately soothing to hemroid pain as well, and might be a good choice in addition to other medications.

The best oral medications for immediate relief from hemroid pain are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Acetaminophen, better known as Tylenol, will do in a pinch for relieving hemroid pain, but acetaminophen does not have the same anti-inflammatory action as ibuprofen does, and so does not work as well or as long. Always be careful to eat something, even if it is only two pieces of toast, with ibuprofen, as it can cause some serious stomach problems including ulceration if you don’t.

Other options that are generally available for quick hemroid pain relief at your local pharmacy include ice packs, which some hemroid sufferers find very beneficial for pain relief, and doughnut shaped cushions to sit on which also offer relief from stress and pain on the affected area.

Many pharmacies also provide sitz-bath basins that fit over a toilet seat for more convenient and therefore more frequently available sitz-bath therapy.


2… Bleeding Hemroids Relief

Bleeding hemroids is one of the most common hemroid symptoms in existence, and should never be ignored.

Most hemroid bleeding is bright red, so if anal bleeding is dark red, get to a doctor even faster.

However, all anal bleeding should be looked at by a doctor as soon as possible, as there are several serious conditions that may exist alongside hemroids that should be checked for.

That being said, here are some helpful ways to reduce and help hemroid bleeding quickly.

Of course, many of the same remedies that help to relieve pain also help with bleeding, such as ibuprofen and ice packs

As strange and counterintuitive as it may sound, ibuprofen provides hemroid relief with bleeding by reducing inflammation. Inflammation of tissue puts pressure on blood vessels, which can cause bleeding to go even faster or with more volume. When an anti-inflammatory medication is used, that pressure is taken off, providing faster bleeding hemroids relief.

Additionally, when inflammation is taken care of, swelling goes down, which makes hemroids smaller, which reduces the amount of damage done to them during normal activity, thereby providing more hemroid relief from bleeding.

In addition, there are a few more options available to provide bleeding hemroid relief immediately, such as calamine lotion or zinc oxide cream, which can help blood to clot and scab, and thus provide relief from bleeding hemroids quickly.

External medications that contain vasoconstrictors are sometimes the most helpful in obtaining bleeding hemroid relief and are often available in over the counter creams, but be sure to at least check with the local pharmacist first.

While side effects from cream vasoconstrictors are rare, they can be quite nasty, especially if you’re taking other medications that conflict with vasoconstrictor use.


3… Hemroids Relief for the Discomforts: How to Deal With Itching, Burning, and Swelling

For external hemroids, again, sitz baths, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and wiping gently with plain toilet paper are the first line of relief for hemroids.

In addition, creams that contain anesthetics such as lidocaine, astringents like witch hazel, and a barrier/moisturizing element like cocoa butter, kaolin, lanolin, cod liver oil, glycerin, or white petroleum can provide helpful and quick hemroid relief.

Aloe and witch hazel are generally suspended in glycerin, which allows their herbal properties to work better and gives them a creamy texture, while other hemroid medications are frequently suspended in a thicker, salve-like material similar to Vaseline, to protect the skin better and thereby provide better hemroid relief.

The reason that external hemroid relief creams are made with these carrier materials is because skin that is too dry and irritated will only make itching, burning, and swelling worse, so in addition to using them, never try to use harsh soaps or cleansers on an area. Hemroids are not caused by dirt, but by undue pressure that causes the large veins of the area to enlarge even further, and cleaning them harshly will only make them worse.

If they are bleeding and you fear infection, patting the area gently with a witch hazel soaked pad is a much better way to cleanse and provide hemroid relief, when compared to scrubbing with soap.

Wear loose fitting cotton underwear to avoid irritating the area even more, and plain cold compresses, sometimes soaked with appropriate medication, can provide longer lasting hemroid relief and are much easier to use with loose cotton underwear than with one’s good lingerie or briefs.

For relief from pain, swelling, itching and burning from internal hemroids, many of the same options are available, only in slightly modified format.

Of course, sitz baths and ibuprofen still apply as valid hemroid relief treatments, as do ice packs, but many of the hemroid relief creams available can also be used.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the right application method for you. There are some hemorrhoids creams that come in suppository format that can be inserted into the anal canal, in addition to tubes that creams can be applied through to come into contact with the painful area as quickly and efficiently as possible to bring hemroid relief to your internal hemroids, but you need to ask a doctor or pharmacist which creams are suitable for this treatment and how to use any tubes to avoid injuring an already delicate area. After all, not everything that is made for your skin is suitable for your much more delicate mucus membranes, and mucus membranes are exactly what your anal canal is made of.   However, there are some hemroid creams listed on our hemroid medications list that you can buy online to save yourself any embarrassment.

Prolapsed hemroids need to be seen by a doctor quickly, especially if you can’t get them to stay inside the anal canal at any time. Only internal hemroids can become prolapsed, as the definition of a prolapsed hemroid is one that starts within the anal canal that protrudes out of the anal canal at least some of the time. A prolapsed hemroid can have its blood supply cut off by the stricture of the anal sphincter and start to go gangrenous, which is why it’s important to see a doctor.

However, until you can get to a doctor, again, ice packs and ibuprofen are the best way to go for quick hemroid relief. You can also use the same creams that are suitable for treating an internal hemroid, but not creams that are suitable for only external hemroids. Prolapsed hemroids may have annoyingly found their way outside your body, but remember that they are still made up of the delicate mucus membrane of the anal canal, so treat them as gently as they require.

The easiest way to soothe prolapsed hemroids, is normally to gently push them back inside.  Hemroid relief is almost immediate if they will go back in.

To obtain hemroid relief from the massive discomfort and misery brought on by a thrombosed hemroid, well, in part it depends on where the hemroid is. A thrombosed hemroid is any hemroid, internal or external, that has developed a blood clot inside the hemroid, and usually causes the hemroid in question to be massively inflamed, tender, and painful.

Mostly it is prolapsed internal hemroids that become thrombosed, as the blood supply is sometimes unable to get out of the hemroid, even though more is getting pumped in, because the ring of muscles that clamp the anal opening shut, clamp down on the prolapsed hemroid sufficiently to stop the blood flow out.  Once swollen and engorged, hemroid relief is much harder to obtain.  They are too big to push back in.

So, for thrombosed hemroid relief, aspirin can help because aspirin has blood-thinning properties in addition to being a capable pain-killer. Be very careful with aspirin however, as there are many medications and medical conditions that it does not interact with well. The fatal dosage of aspirin is also much, much lower than acetaminophen or ibuprofen, so keep your usage of it to a minimum. Furthermore, it is impossible to take aspirin at the same time as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, unless of course you want to cause your own liver or kidney failure. However, for the vast majority of people, aspirin is the first thing recommended for blood clot dissipation, as it is gentler and more readily available than any other blood-thinners on the market. Just be sure to check with your doctor or your regular pharmacist who has your complete medication record on hand first so that you don’t accidentally cause a medication conflict between aspirin and any other prescription medication or medical disorder you may have to manage.

In addition, sitz-baths and soothing creams work equally well to provide thrombosed hemroids relief and the right cream can even bring an almost heavenly amount of relief. Aloe vera and witch hazel creams are particularly good on these due to their cooling astringent action. Again, tailor the creams you use to whether the thrombosed hemroid is internal or external.

The best hemroid relief for thrombosed hemroids, however, is by the doctor’s knife.  Research shows that the inject pain killer, slice the thrombosed hemroid open and squeeze the contents out, is the best for thrombosed hemroid relief – not only do you get thrombosed hemroid relief immediately, but the thrombosed hemroid is far less likely to recur in comparison to all non-surgical interventions.


4… Hemroids relief using ice

For internal hemroids that traditional ice packs have a hard time reaching, sculpted ice suppositories may be an effective home remedy for fast hemroid relief. If you decide to take this option, only use them carefully and according to instructions. You can drop your core temperature alarmingly quickly if you try to put too much ice inside the body, which can lead to nausea, headaches, and even potentially drop you quickly into first stage hypothermia. Hypothermia is not an acceptable side effect of trying to gain hemroid relief, so be careful with these. Keep in mind that most doctors recommend always keeping a towel between your skin and bare ice, and that the inside of your anal canal is much more delicate than your skin, so don’t overuse this hemroid relief option.

5… Hemroids Relief with tea, fruits and berries

Getting plenty of blackberries, blueberries, cherries and citrus fruits in your diet is thought to strengthen the walls of the veins of the anal canal and help treat or prevent hemroids – so many doctors will recommend this. Also, the fruits and berries contain fiber which can help bring relief to hemroids.  This is, however, a slow way of attaining hemroid relief.

There aren’t too many studies on how much this actually helps, but the bioflavonoids found in these fruits have been shown to have some effect. In other words, you might as well eat them as these fruits can’t hurt and might help.

Of course, do not try to add anything to your hemroid diet if you’re allergic to it.

Standard black or green tea from the supermarket also contains bioflavonoids, so daily cups of tea might be a helpful addition in gaining long term hemroid relief, as well as being a good substitute for drinks stronger in dehydrating caffeine.

6… Natural hemroids relief

The most natural relief for hemroids is to change your diet to get more fiber. This can be gotten through fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans. Always introduce new foods slowly into your diet to avoid the discomfort that can result. In addition, if more fiber is needed to gain hemroid relief through diet, psyllium husks and flax seeds both come in powder form to add to water and drink as part of the eight glasses of water needed daily to maintain proper body function.


7… Best hemroids relief

The first thing that I would personally recommend as the best hemroids relief, is a warm sitz-bath of twenty minutes, while taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen if either one is already available in the house.

Those treatments are just to get the pain down to bearable, and I recommend them first because they take advantage of what most people already keep in the home.

Then, take an ice pack out of the freezer if one is available, or put some ice inside a baggie and wrap a towel around it if necessary, and put it on the car’s seat while driving to the pharmacy to get the best creams and medications for the particular condition, a doughnut cushion to sit on and a small footstool to put feet up on when on the toilet, in addition to plain soft toilet paper if you didn’t already have any.  Also, if you can afford one, one of those sitz bath commodes that sit on top of the toilet is also preferred for convenience.

Then, once the immediate pain is dealt with, sit down and figure out how to get more fiber, water, and exercise into your life, because those things are going to be necessary no matter whatever treatment is the best for a particular hemroids condition.

If the hemroids are bleeding or prolapsed, the next thing to do is call a doctor and make an appointment, as either of these conditions can indicate a very, very serious problem. Always follow any instructions that a doctor gives, because after all, you paid for the advice.

If, however, a doctor’s visit is not yet necessary, then go ahead and add the cherries, blueberries, blackberries and citrus fruits, as they can’t hurt and may help with long term hemroid relief and cure. This is the point at which to start looking at alternative treatmentsthat may actually fix the cause of the problem instead of just providing hemroid relief for the aggravating symptoms, such as acupuncture/acupressure and herbal or homeopathic remedies.

If after two weeks of hemroid relief treatment, with nothing making the problem go away, make an appointment and see a doctor to find out what else you can or need to do.


8… Hemroid relief conclusion:  What to do and when.

In conclusion, for hemroids relief, deal with the symptoms first and then look at the causes.  Get the hemroids relief first and then you can get your life bearable again.

Fixing a constipation problem is usually the first step in treating the underlying cause of hemroids, so always look at that as soon as you’ve relieved the pain and burning.

Use the appropriate treatments from there, and this uncomfortable problem should clear up quite shortly.

Many, many people suffer from this uncomfortable problem every year, and the vast majority of hemroids clear up without surgical treatment. Take advantage of any and all remedies that will help you, and remember that hemroids are not a common cold to just be put up with, but a fully treatable condition that can evaporate with the right treatments in a very short period of time.

Research and main write by Loni L. Ice, editing by D. S. Urquhart.


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