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1… Basic Information on Hemroids.     2… Understanding the basis for the natural hemroids treatment.  3… The Basic Natural Hemroids Treatment involves 4 critical components.   4… The More Advanced Natural Hemroids Treatment.   5… Warning about the use of a Natural Hemroids Treatment when it is based on herbs.   6… When to see a Doctor About Your Hemroids.

Basic hemroid information – Incidence, types, causes and symptoms of hemroids.

Hemroids / Hemorrhoids are an extremely common health problem these days, affecting up to three quarters of the population at some point in life, creating greater demands by hemroid sufferers for more natural alternative medicines for treating hemroids.

Fortunately, hemroids are usually a mild problem requiring only home care to treat and cure.  Natural treatment for hemroids is usually the recommended course of action by physicians, as more invasive procedures are usually not necessary and, as with any medical procedure, carry their own risks.

If you are after a pill, cream or lotion to heal and cure your hemroids, then our hemroid medicine treatment  page is the one you are after.

Apart from this page on the natural hemroids treatment, you may also find our page on hemroid home remedies to be helpful in alleviating hemroids symptoms and our page on curing hemroids or hemroid surgery may be worth a read too.

Understanding the basis for the Natural Hemroids Treatment

Types, causes and symptoms of Hemroids

There are two basic categories of hemroids – internal and external hemroids.

Internal hemroids start above the transition line between outside skin and interior mucus membrane called the dentate line.  They can protrude past the dentate line to show outside the body, which is classified as a prolapsed hemroid, but the attachment to the rest of the body will always be fully inside the anal canal in the case of internal hemroids.

External hemroids originate below the dentate line outside the anal canal.

Both  kinds of hemroids are caused by vein enlargement in and around the anal canal, which is triggered by long periods of abdominal pressure.

Not sure what type of hemroid you have, check out our picture of hemroids page to help diagnose your hemroids.  Real photos of real hemroids.

The two main causes of both types of hemroids

Pregnancy and constipation are the two leading causes / producers of such pressure, and taking the pressure off is the first step to treating and curing hemroids.  Pregnancy induced hemroids will usually disappear after childbirth, but constipation must be addressed directly in order for any other hemroid treatment to be effective – the first big basic for the natural hemroids treatment.

Symptoms of hemroids

Symptoms of hemroids can include itching, burning or pain in the case of external hemroids and a feeling of fullness or the constant feeling of needing to defecate indicating internal hemroids.

Both varieties of hemroids may bleed showing bright red blood on toilet paper, stool, or in the toilet bowl.  Any rectal bleeding, no matter how slight, should always be looked at by a doctor, as the causes of rectal bleeding also include anal polyps, fissures, fistulas, warts, or ulcers.  Bleeding can also be an early indication of colorectal cancer, as well as of typhoid fever.  None of these conditions can be successfully dealt with at home, they must be addressed by a doctor at the earliest possible time.

Hemroid symptoms should abate, if not go away, if one follows the natural hemroids treatment options provided below.

The Basic Natural Hemroids Treatment involves 4 critical components:

1.. The first natural hemroids treatment should always be fiber.

Fiber is necessary for the functioning of the body as a whole and will help with hemroids whether caused by pregnancy, constipation, or any other reason.

The body requires 96 grams of fiber per day to remain healthy and balanced,  and it is best to get this fiber through the consumption of fresh fruits, whole grains, and beans.  Introducing these foods slowly and one at a time can help the intestinal tract adjust slowly and help prevent excessive gas.

Please note that this natural hemroids treatment may be medically recommended at the 96 grams of fiber per day, but realistically, your diet is more likely 11 grams a day at the moment.  For most people, a high fibre diet is 30 grams fiber daily.  I believe that if you increase your diet to around the 30 gram mark, that you will find this a good level that I think should work as a natural hemroids treatment.  Going over the fiber tables of foods, it’s almost impossible to have anything remotely resembling a normal diet when attempting to consume foods to obtain 96 grams of fiber daily.  So try 30 grams as the natural treatment for hemroids and work your way up from there if you have to.

If you are unable to get enough fiber from a balanced diet, or if you are temporarily needing more to deal with a particular problem, powdered psyllium husks or powdered flax seed are a readily available natural fiber alternative and are great as a natural hemroids treatment.  The usual dosage method is to drink is an eight ounce glass of water mixed with one teaspoon of powdered husks, followed immediately with another eight ounce glass of clear water.

2.. Drinking water is a natural hemroids treatment also

and involves the drinking of at least sixty-four ounces of water daily, or eight glasses of eight ounces apiece. This helps ensure that the body has sufficient moisture to keep digestion moving and prevent constipation.  If constipation is an ongoing problem, avoid caffeine in soft drinks, coffee, and tea, as caffeine acts as a diuretic, pulling water from the body.

Water is vital as part of a natural hemroids treatment and it’s importance should not be minimized.

3.. Another natural hemroids treatment is a regimen of light exercise.

  Walking briskly for twenty minutes at a time, two to three times a week, is a good way to improve overall tone and health.  Light exercise also helps intestinal peristalsis, which is also referred to as intestinal movement, to jumpstart if it was not functioning up to optimal levels for some reason.

For modern man, this is likely going to be a downfall in your natural hemroids treatment plan.  Chances are, you will stop and start – it’s important, but the other three critical components of our natural hemroids treatment may get the job done on their own.  Be aware though, that long term health issues may result from inadequate exercise, so at least try and give it a go.

4.. Bowel training is another good natural hemroids treatment.

Setting a schedule for bowel movements by sitting on the toilet at a certain time of day can train your intestinal tract to evacuate regularly, which can help greatly in reducing constipation and the attendant discomforts.

When trying this, do not strain and do not sit forever if nothing happens, just try again tomorrow.

Many consider a 5 minute interval on the toilet to be appropriate in this natural hemroids treatment

Also, never resist the bowel movement urge when it comes up; go immediately and don’t strain.

The More Advanced Natural Hemroids Treatment may entail:

Witch hazel is a natural treatment for hemroids that brings relief quickly.

If needing immediate relief from the symptoms of hemroids, witch hazel compresses or cream is an effective natural hemroids treatment that is often recommended by doctors.

The natural witch hazel hemroid medication is made from the leaves and bark of Hamamelis virginiana, or witch hazel tree.

Witch hazel has historically been used on many inflammations for its astringent qualities, which causes body tissues to contract.

Apply the cream or compress directly to the affected area as needed to relieve pain, itching or discomfort.

It is only for topical use, and never to be taken internally.

Witch Hazel is, I expect, one of the most important herbs to consider when putting together a natural hemroids treatment regime for oneself or a loved one.

Bioflavonoids are also a Natural Hemroids Treatment that helps rebuild vein walls.

Bioflavonoids are compounds found in many foods that are believed to naturally treat hemroids by strengthening vein walls and reducing inflammation.

Bioflavonoids naturally occur in citrus fruits, so adding orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime to your diet can be quite beneficial.

Lemon slices in ice water can also make it easier to down all that water that you should be drinking anyway.

If you hate citrus fruits, or cannot get enough bioflavonoids to have any effect just by eating more citrus, the dietary supplement called Daflon that has put the correct chemicals into a tablet format that is safe enough to be taken by pregnant women.

Of course, there are a few medications that shouldn’t be taken with citrus fruits, so always check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are currently on prescription medications and currently want to include citrus pectin in your hemroids natural treatment.

Butcher’s Broom is A Natural Hemroids Treatment that helps to calm and soothe hemroids

Another natural hemroids treatment that might have a beneficial effect on hemroids is the use of the herb called butcher’s broom, or box holly, or sweet broom, or knee holly.  This rather large collection of names all describes one herb, Ruscus aculeatus.

It has historically been used to clean butcher blocks in Europe.

It has a long history in herbal medicine for treating hemroids and varicose veins, and the extract contains a compound called ruscogen that has been proven to have anti-inflammatory and vein-constriction properties.

As a natural treatment it has been most useful when poor circulation is an underlying problem.

It has been shown to be effective when used topically as a salve or compress and, might be helpful taken internally as a capsule or in tea form.

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, people with high blood pressure, benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is also not recommended for people taking alpha blockers or MAO inhibitor drugs along with almost every other drug in existence.

If you’re taking alpha blockers or MAO inhibitors, it’s a wise course to ask your doctor before taking so much as a Tylenol, much less any other medication.

Horse Chestnut is A Natural Hemroids Treatment that helps to calm and soothe hemroids

The other common herb which is used as a natural hemroids treatment and is in the same category as butcher’s broom is horse chestnut, which has essentially the same properties.

Again, it is most useful when poor circulation is a major contributing factor to hemroids, and it can help with overall circulation problems.

It is most often applied externally as a compress or internally in tea or capsule form.

This herb can be trickier to use than butcher’s broom, as it should never be used by anyone allergic to any of the horse chestnut family, or anyone with bleeding disorders of any kind.  Only the seeds and bark of very young plants should ever be used.  Other parts of the young plants and the entirety of older plants are extremely toxic.

If you decide to try this herb, please go to a trained herbalist.  While rare, side effects can include kidney damage, liver damage, and severe bleeding or bruising.

Chamomile and Calendula can be Used as a Natural Hemroids Treatment.

Topical compresses of chamomile and calendula can be helpful in the natural treatment of hemroids as well.  Calendula is a relative of the common marigold and relatively widely available and chamomile is an old standby that is so common and difficult to mismanage that it is found in supermarkets.

Both are commonly used as cleansing and calming agents on inflammations, but do not take calendula internally under any circumstances.

Burdock Roots can also be Used a Natural Hemroids Treatment.

Burdock roots are another herbal remedy that can be used as a compress or in an ointment for itching, burning or otherwise painful hemroids.

Never pick burdock yourself, as the green parts above ground can cause contact dermatitis in humans, but a commercially prepared ointment or salve applied twice per day will soothe the affected areas quite well.

Aloe Vera as a natural hemorrhoids treatment

Aloe Vera was suggested to us by someone with a thrombosed external hemroid.

The Aloe Vera was found to be very cooling, thereby bringing comfort.

The same lady who told us about the Aloe Vera, also stated that Acetaminophen 500 – a very close relative of the drug paracetamol, or same as – helped tremendously. These two substances are not natural though, but are listed here for consideration.

Warning about the use of a Natural Hemroids Treatment when it is based on herbs.

Never forget that the most powerful prescription medications of today come from herbs and treat any herb with the respect it deserves, particularly if the herb has been refined.  The more refined, the less natural the treatment becomes and the more concentrated the active ingredients become.

When to see a Doctor About Your Hemroids:

If at any point a hemroid becomes more complicated, such as an internal hemroid prolapsing out of the anal canal to where it’s visible to the naked eye, or any hemroid getting a blood clot lodged in it causing it to swell- also called a thrombosed hemroid – you need to see a doctor immediately to determine the best method of hemroid treatment.  A change in lifestyle that incorporates the first four suggestions to naturally treat hemroids is always the first place to start, and any herbs or supplements should always be used carefully and in accordance with a doctor’s instructions, especially if you are taking any prescription medication of any kind.

Research and main write by Loni L. Ice, editing by D. S. Urquhart.

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