This piles picture shows the major types of piles. Unless you are taking pills, you need to know what sort of piles you have, so that you can choose the appropriate treatment.This hemorrhoids picture shows the major types of hemorrhoids. Unless you are taking pills – which work internally – you need to know what sort of hemorrhoids you have, to choose a treatment wisely. The wrong hemorrhoids treatment may be dangerous or useless.

There are numerous options when it comes to hemorrhoids treatment

Especially if you want to treat hemorrhoids fast and easy at home.

In fact, there are an enormous variety of hemorrhoids treatments available today. The best and most suitable treatment for hemorrhoids, are the do at home ones,with medical and surgical hemorrhoid treatment left as the final resort – and even then, those surgery hemorrhoid treatments may not be totally successful. That’s why it is so important to try the home remedies, such as the OTC (over the counter) hemorrhoids treatment first – to give yourself the greatest chance of getting rid of your hemorrhoids before having to go to the surgery.

Even if you don’t get rid of your hemorrhoids using the at home hemorrhoids treatment, the hemorrhoids may shrink enough or be healed enough or be symptom free enough, so that hemorrhoids surgery can be avoided, or perhaps allow for a less drastic hemorrhoids surgery to be performed.


Hemroids treatment can help make things right with your family again.

Photo right is used to highlight how hemorrhoids treatment can help make things right with your family and loved ones again. Appropriate treatment means the pain, agony, bleeding, discomfort and itching can end and they could of easily made a person angry, snappy and inactive.

Our how to treat hemorrhoids page gives the run down on online hemorrhoid treatments OR you can read a little about our suggested options for the home treatment of piles on our very succinct UK site on piles treatment as well.

Many of these hemorrhoids treatments have been around for a century or more, essentially all are discussed more fully on their own pages, but this page is to provide one an overview of all the hemorrhoids treatments that are available, with the hope that a more informed decision can be made as to which is the most suitable hemorrhoids treatment to try in your circumstance.

You got hemorrhoids – then you got to read this page on their treatment before making a decision. Don’t let hemorrhoids trample you down, select the hemorrhoids treatment that’s best for you.

So here is a detailed overview of all the hemorrhoids treatments – anything from natural hemorrhoids treatments, to the cut and slice surgeries.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is also based on their location

Venapro piles treatment uses 14 ingredients, mostly herb based.Neo Healar comes in either a cream or suppositoryH-Hemorrhoids is an alternative piles treatment using essential oils.Read our REVIEWS, Price Comparisons, Ingredient Analysis and BUY the Hemorrhoid Medication that’s best suited to you! These companies always deliver discretely, with medications that really work.

Very importantly, realize that there are different types of hemorrhoids and conditions of hemorrhoids, that may require different types of hemorrhoids treatments.

Internal hemorrhoids treatment is a bit different from external hemorrhoids treatment, due to their location, and the fact that the mucus membrane that internal hemorrhoids are made up of, absorbs medication differently, and much more easily, than the skin of external hemorrhoids, so using medication meant for one on the other is somewhat useless, or maybe dangerous.

This page is one of my favorites on hemorrhoids treatments, as it encompasses the best non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments that are commercially available.  These hemorrhoids treatments encompass either the use of pills, creams or lotions to treat hemorrhoids.

You’ll find only the best of the hemorrhoids creams, pills and lotions here!

Also, as your type of hemorrhoids, and the symptoms they cause you, determine which hemorrhoids treatment is best for you, then you would do well to read this hemorrhoids treatment medication review page, less you buy the wrong hemorrhoids treatment.

These pre made preparations are generally easy to use hemorrhoids treatments that have proven results, for symptom relief and hemorrhoids cure.

Actually, when you consider what you are getting, all of the ones listed here are good value for money.


This hemorrhoids treatment page is all about putting the essential hemorrhoid treatment information on this web site into one neat little page.  It doesn’t cover all the hemorrhoids treatment information of course, what this hemorrhoids treatment page looks at is how to go about curing, and getting rid of the symptoms of, hemorrhoids, by using some common sense and following a few dietary guidelines.

Hemroids HOME REMEDY – For Fast ReliefThe hemorrhoids treatments known as home remedies, are a group of treatments that can be employed at home, normally using a range of ingredients or things normally found round the house. The world famous Sitz bath hemorrhoid treatment is also included on this page.

Following the life style changes suggested on this hemorrhoids treatment page, may actually help CURE your hemorrhoids.

These hemorrhoids treatments are popular because they tend to be cheaper, effective and easy to use.

Most hemorrhoids will respond to this type of hemorrhoids treatment, and if caught in time, the home hemorrhoids treatment will probably save you from having to get surgical treatment and, with the improvements in your lifestyle, may even save your life.

Remember, though, that once you get your first bout of hemorrhoids you will probably be prone to them in the future, so don’t throw away the new diet and exercise plan once they’re gone. Eat right, exercise, keep blood pressure under control, and keep on the lookout, and your hemorrhoids treatment should be long term successful.

Also, these hemorrhoid treatments tend to be readily available through supermarkets and chemists (druggists) – though these treatments may also cause irritation of surrounding tissue. There is also a concern that the more chemical based ones may pose health risks as the ingredients may be absorbed into the body / blood stream.

Hemroids Herbal Remedy – Fast, natural relief + MAKE YOUR OWN herbal hemorrhoid medicationHemroids treatment that utilize herbs fall into two groups, those that alleviate symptoms and those that cure.  This hemorrhoids treatment page is about those that bring relief.  Plus, I’ve included a section on how to make your own hemorrhoids treatment with herbs and natural ingredients – not an easy task.

This group of hemorrhoids treatment may be a bit harder to apply or make up and, may be more costly to buy.

This type of herbal hemorrhoids treatment may sometimes be bought through a druggist / chemist, but you’ll more than likely have to go to a health food shop or naturopath to buy or buy online. Some remedies may be picked off a tree!

Again, these hemorrhoid treatments tend to provide temporary hemorrhoid relief, but the hemorrhoid treatments are thought to be safer and pose less risk when absorbed into the body and or blood stream, as their active ingredients appear to be at safer levels.

ALTERNATIVE Medicine and Treatments for Hemroids – Some gems amongst the rough.Natural type hemorrhoids treatments that appear to work have been included on this page.  Aromatherapy and essential oils are also part of this group of hemorrhoids treatment.

HOMEOPATHY and Homeopathic – Remedies that don’t appear to workYes, homeopathic hemorrhoids treatment apparentlydon’t work that well, but I’ve included some useful information, for those that may be interested.

HEMROID RELIEF – Everything from sitz baths to homeopathic remedies.There are an awful lot of hemorrhoids treatments designed to bring hemorrhoid relief, many of these hemorrhoids treatments are included in other pages, but we have accumulated a number of the better onesand placed them here.

NATURAL TREATMENT for Hemroids – Easier to follow suggestionsThis is an easy to follow page, encompassinghemorrhoids treatments that are, of course, much easier to follow and implement.  We felt this hemorrhoids treatment page was necessary, as sometimes people can feel put off by any hemorrhoids treatment that be a bit hard to implement or follow to the letter.

Hemroids CREAM – for the fast, symptomatic relief of hemorrhoidsThis class of hemorrhoids treatment has been around for a long, long time, and has proven itself over and over again as a useful means of controlling hemorrhoids flare-ups.

HERBAL HEMROIDS CREAM – The natural ones.This is a special class of the hemorrhoids treatment above, it is a class of hemorrhoids treatment which is heavily into the natural ingredients.  They are often better tolerated than the highly chemical creams commonly available, which means they don’t often have the side effects of the other ones.

HEMROIDS DIET – High FiberThis hemorrhoids treatment is a very basic – an essential lifestyle factor that has to be addressed, elseany other hemorrhoids treatment you may use, may be doomed to failure.

Hemroid MEDICAL treatments WITHOUT SurgeryThis hemorrhoids treatment is a set of drugs that are administered directly to your hemorrhoids.  This medical hemorrhoids treatment works very fast – injection normally into the hemorrhoids to cause them to shrink and or stop the pain or bleeding. This hemorrhoids treatment is for short term relief.

To get this type of hemorrhoids treatment, you will likely need visit a doctor who will either prescribe the treatment or administer the treatment there and then.  This type of hemorrhoids treatment is generally much more expensive, as not only are you normally paying more for the medication, but for the doctor as well.

CURE HEMROIDS without surgeryThis type of hemorrhoids treatment is potentially the most important.  On this hemorrhoids treatment page we tell you how to cure hemorrhoids, normally using herbs and fruits and some other things.  You may need to take something for symptom relief, as this type of hemorrhoids treatment can take a while to work – perhaps six months or so.

These types of hemorrhoids treatment are aimed at curing the hemorrhoid problem from the inside and work by primarily restoring blood flow and building vein strength.

As always, before taking something new by mouth, check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that nothing interacts badly with your current medications or health conditions.

The herbs and medications used to treat hemorrhoidswork by blocking pain chemistry in your brain, reducing inflammation at the hemorrhoid, making the vein walls stronger, or reducing blood pressure.

If you already have a heart condition or hypertension or hypotension, using these herbs can potentially be very dangerous.

CAN YOU USE external creams on internal hemorrhoids?

An interesting topic, as many creams are used for internal hemorrhoids that are either prolapsed or still inside, which may cause problems of overdosing.

HEMROID SURGERY / OPERATIONS / COMPLICATIONS – There are many different surgeries to choose from.Surgery is a most common place hemorrhoids treatment.  It is often the treatment of choice by doctors.  Here all the surgeries are discussed.

In this type of hemorrhoids treatment we have injection, cauterization, freezing, laser and infrared light.  One hemorrhoids treatment uses rubber bands and another uses staples !

Which treatment for hemorrhoids your doctor or surgeon will offer you will depend on their background, experience and training, as well as the symptoms your hemorrhoids are causing, and the type of hemorrhoids that you have.

The doctor must physically look at your hemorrhoids, ask you some questions, so that he can properly grade your hemorrhoids, so as to determine the appropriate hemorrhoids treatment

Normally there is some discomfort for several days following any of these surgical hemorrhoids treatments.

Also, these surgical types of hemorrhoids treatment carries risks and one may benefit from discussing the risks with a doctor. For example, banding carries a very minute risk of paralysis.

Hemroids BANDING – An easy and common surgery for hemorrhoidsThis hemorrhoids treatment got a page to itself, simply because it is probably the most common surgical hemorrhoids treatment.  Rubber bands are used to cut the blood supply completely, eventually leading to the banded hemorrhoids falling off. We have also single pages on several other surgical treatments for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy for INTERNAL hemorrhoids and PROLAPSED hemorrhoids- the major operation for hemorrhoidsThis is the cut and slice hemorrhoids treatment you may have always wanted if it works well.

If this hemorrhoids treatment doesn’t go well, you may end up far worse off. There are horror stories out there of hemorrhoidectomies that didn’t go according to plan. This hemorrhoids treatment also carries with it the risk of some very nasty complications, even if it does initially appear to go well.

It is normally carried out under a general anesthetic and normally there is several weeks of pain and discomfort associated with this extreme hemorrhoids treatment.

Out of all the surgeries, this hemorrhoids treatment has the highest long term success rate with eliminating hemorrhoids for good.

hemorrhoids treatment that is really only the very last resort though, because of the pain, discomfort, long convalescence period and nasty side effects and complications.

Hemorrhoidectomy for EXTERNAL hemorrhoids – the only operation for external hemorrhoids.The only hemorrhoids treatment, via surgery, for external hemorrhoids is by hemorrhoidectomy.  No other surgical hemorrhoids treatment can be used on external hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoidectomy can be performed by laser or scalpel.

THE COST of hemorrhoid surgery – How to get treatment without money or insuranceNo money, no problem, well sort of.  This type of hemorrhoids treatment is normally delivered to an emergency patient, but often it is just for immediate pain relief – in some situations they may remove the hemorrhoids via surgery, as when you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Hemroids Treatment Summary and Partial Site map Combined

Put the serenity and calm back into your life, hemorrhoids treatments are available that work really fast, so don’t suffer and endure hemorrhoids.

The above are many of the hemorrhoid treatment pages, and what they are about, in more detail:

A caution on any hemorrhoids treatment

From my experience, there is no clear winner as to which hemorrhoids treatment is the best. Nor is there a hemorrhoids treatment, natural or otherwise, that I believe will work 100% with every person – There is just such a wide variety of hemorrhoid causes, that a single, all embracing hemorrhoids treatment, just seems a bit far fetched to me.

Some hemorrhoid sufferers may find that a particular hemorrhoids treatment works for them, while another finds little advantage with it; a few may even find that the hemorrhoids treatment they use may make things worse, including surgery or alternative medicine types.

No matter which hemorrhoids treatment you end up choosing, keeping hemorrhoids away requires attention to fibre, diet, exercise … The lifestyle issues and choices that most likely gave them to you to begin with.

However, I think most people and professionals believe, that hemorrhoids are best taken care of at home, with medical /surgical intervention – apart from the diagnosis – left to the last resort.


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