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The industrialized culture that tends to cause hemorrhoids also often teaches us to endure pain without complaint, but many people don’t know the myriad of both physical and psychological ill effects that hemorrhoids pain can easily cause. Acute and chronic pain and discomfort both have their own unique effects on the human mind and body. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you’ll probably endure both kinds of hemorrhoids pain: Acute hemorrhoids pain comes during flareups and inflammation, while chronic hemorrhoids pain, of course, pretty much endures all the time.

How to treat hemorrhoid pain and gain relief from their other nasty and distressing symptoms too using online treatments.

However, hemorrhoids are seldom a serious health problem, but they can cause so much pain that you’d think they were.Hemorrhoids pain can interfere with all aspects of life, from work to fun to familial obligations. When suffering from hemorrhoids pain, life can become a dull monotony with everything held in the background and only the hemorrhoid pain able to keep your attention for long. Hemorrhoids pain treatment is meant primarily to give you enough relief to live life while curing your hemorrhoids on a more permanent basis. Given that hemorrhoids can take up to six months to heal if you look after them properly and take care of anyhemorrhoid causeskeeping the hemorrhoid pain from ruling your life is obviously something of a priority while this long drawn out healing process takes effect.

It’s also important to remember that though hemorrhoids aren’t a serious health condition, chronic pain is. This makes prompt hemorrhoids pain treatment very important. Pain that goes on too long can cause serious health problems. The body is not designed to handle chronic pain very well, and the fight or flight response can’t be upheld very long. Pain always causes an adrenaline response, but continual pain can quickly exhaust both the body and the mind. Pain interferes with sleep and the mental processes of dreaming. Immune disorders, physical fatigue, and psychological depression are just a few of the consequences of chronic pain.

Internal and external hemorrhoids both cause their own kind of hemorrhoids pain:. External hemorrhoids pain can be excruciating physical pain because of their location on a dense and sensitive nerve band. Internal hemorrhoids pain is normally not that bad and don’t often cause that kind of physical pain at first, but they cause quite a lot of fear, anxiety and discomfort as they grow larger, bleed and even prolapse.

Hemorrhoids Pain Treatment and Relief

Hemorrhoids Pain Treatment: Immediate Remedies

Blessed relief can come from hemorrhoid pain treatment
Immediate hemorrhoids pain treatment is often available as close as your medicine cabinet. Ibuprofen and naproxen are two of the most effective general hemorrhoids pain treatment medications. These two are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and they both block the pain nerves directly and literally bring down the swelling that is one of the primary causes of hemorrhoidal pain. Acetaminophen is another common over the counter medication often kept in most homes that can help for hemorrhoids pain treatment, but it only blocks the pain and does nothing about the swelling.

Another effective hemorrhoids pain treatment is the use of a sitz-bath, possibly followed by a few minutes sitting on a towel wrapped icepack. To take a sitz-bath, simply run a few inches of water that’s as hot as you can stand in your bathtub, and then sit in it for a few minutes. The heat from the sitz-bath gets the circulation going, which helps clear out the toxins and swelling that cause so much hemorrhoids pain. The towel-wrapped icepack maximizes the hemorrhoids pain treatment, but if it’s too unbearable then it can be skipped.

Wiping pure cooking oil on the hemorrhoidal area may also help with hemorrhoids pain treatment if the hemorrhoids pain is due to chapped hemorrhoids that are being rubbed raw by bodily friction. If you choose to use this method of hemorrhoids pain treatment, then you should only use pure corn or canola oil that has never been used for cooking whatsoever. Wipe the cooking oil on with a cotton ball or cotton swab after gently cleaning the area with moistened toilet paper and letting it dry. If you find that this method of hemorrhoids pain treatment works for you, then you may keep a bit of pure oil aside in a separate bottle in your bathroom for easier application.

When using hemorrhoids pain treatment, it’s important to avoid straining or extended sitting on the toilet for too long. Both of these will make hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid pain worse. These causes of hemorrhoids and others are explained. When you strain or sit for too long, the hemorrhoids get overfilled with blood and swell up. Straining literally forces blood into the hemorrhoids, while sitting for too long just robs the hemorrhoidal area of all support and lets gravity drag the hemorrhoids down. If you can’t go easily after a couple of minutes, the best thing to do for hemorrhoids pain treatment is to just get up and walk around. Try again when the urge comes back, but never push too hard or sit too long.

While on the subject of things not to do for hemorrhoids pain treatment, never scrub or scratch too hard with dry toilet paper, no matter how badly you want to. Painful hemorrhoids are also often quite itchy, and if you clean with dry toilet paper it can set off an urge to scratch. Doing so will only damage the hemorrhoids and make the pain exponentially worse, so do your best to resist. Moistening your toilet paper with clean, plain water to clean up with can help you avoid this temptation entirely and make a major contribution to hemorrhoids pain treatment.

Another important part of hemorrhoids pain treatment is to make sure that your stools aren’t contributing to the problem. Switch over to a high fiber, low fat diet with lots of fresh, pure drinking water – a hemorrhoids diet in other words – as quickly as possible in order to make soft, bulky stools that are easy to pass and that don’t cause further damage. It can take a few weeks to really adapt to getting enough fiber in your daily diet, but you should start as quickly as possible. Even if you just add one new high fiber food per week, your stools will immediately become much easier to deal with.

Hemorrhoids Pain Treatment: Over The Counter

Once you’ve got your immediate hemorrhoids pain under control, there’s a wealth of over the counter hemorrhoid treatment options available online and at the grocery store and chemist. External hemorrhoids are the most painful variety of hemorrhoid, but fortunately, most of the hemorrhoids pain treatment medications available over the counter are specifically created for external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are often a bit more difficult to treat, but there are sufficient hemorrhoids pain treatments to keep them from flaring up too badly as well.

Some of the most powerful hemorrhoids pain treatments arehemorrhoid cream and ointments that contain local anesthetics that numb the pain nerves on contact. They are only useful on external pain, but they work very fast. Unfortunately, they don’t always last very long, but this form of hemorrhoids pain treatment works great to get immediate hemorrhoids pain under control fast and these ointments are easy to apply just about everywhere. These hemorrhoids pain treatment ointments usually also have a plethora of other moisturizing and lubricating ingredients that soothe inflamed hemorrhoids and keep them from getting chapped and irritated. This form of hemorrhoids pain treatment can often work for quite some time to keep hemorrhoids pain under control while hemorrhoids are in the process of healing. A hemorrhoids cream should no be inserted internally unless it comes with a manufacturers applicator for doing so and comes with manufacturers directions for doing so. To date, no external hemorrhoid cream has gain FDA approval for internal use, but if a manufacturer states their cream can be used like that, it is ASSUMED to be safe.

One of the more effective hemorrhoids pain treatments out there is in the form of witch hazel wipes that are used to clean and soothe the hemorrhoidal area. Witch hazel is an astringent, which makes local blood vessels and tissues shrink. This is often very soothing because a lot of hemorrhoids pain is caused by swelling and inflammation. Many people get effective hemorrhoids pain treatment by using witch hazel extract medicated pads to clean the hemorrhoidal area before applying ointments.

Aloe vera gel is yet another effective hemorrhoids pain treatment that can really help keep hemorrhoidal flares under control. Aloe vera gel does a wonderful job of soothing, cooling, shrinking and nourishing the hemorrhoidal area, fighting off infection and giving hemorrhoids a chance to really heal. Remember, though, that you can’t use aloe vera gel internally unless it’s been specially prepared and marked specifically for internal use.

Fiber supplements are yet another hemorrhoids pain treatment that’s readily available at the drugstore. These are only for use if you really cannot manage to get enough fiber in your daily diet, and you should remember to build up to the recommended fiber levels slowly. If you eat too much fiber at once, you will get cramps, bloating, nausea, gas and all other manner of gastric unpleasantness. However, fiber supplements also help produce bulky stools that will be soft on irritated, painful hemorrhoids, making these a valuable form of hemorrhoids pain treatment.

Hemorrhoids Pain Treatment: Herbal and Alternative

Herbal and alternative hemorrhoids pain treatments have been gaining in popularity and reputation for some time now, for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that herbs and alternative medicine are becoming trendy, which leaves the field open to exploitation by some very disreputable people. However, another reason that herbal and alternative hemorrhoids pain treatments are popular is because they work to both relieve hemorrhoids pain and to get rid of hemorrhoids over the long term.

One of the most valuable alternative hemorrhoids pain treatments is the squatting toilet. Humanity evolved to squat when toileting, and modern toilets circumvent that. Squatting during toileting engages the muscles of the pelvic floor and provides support to the entire hemorrhoidal region. Basically, by squatting, you use your own body to hold your hemorrhoids up and keep them from getting further damage. If you think squatting might be helpful, you can try it out by putting your feet up on a footstool while sitting on the toilet for a few days. If that does enough for hemorrhoids pain treatment, consider investing in a full squatting toilet.

Aloe vera gel that’s been specially made for internal use can be very helpful for hemorrhoids pain treatment. When properly prepared, aloe vera gel provides a great deal of nutrients and benefits to both the intestinal and the circulatory system. However, if you’re going to use this, check the package carefully for a label that states that all laxatives have been removed from it. The laxatives in whole aloe vera gel are so powerful that they can literally cause gastrointestinal rupturing and damage. When you get the right aloe vera gel or juice, you get both immediate hemorrhoids pain treatment and long term hemorrhoids healing.

Hemorrhoid herbal remedies are made with, for example, witch hazel, horse chestnut, butcher’s broom and japanese pagoda tree – can all also be helpful for hemorrhoids pain treatment, though these will usually work to reduce hemorrhoids pain over the long term instead of providing immediate relief. If using these forms of hemorrhoids pain treatment, remember that internal and extenral preparations cannot usually be interchanged safely, so always follow the instructions carefully.

Acute Hemorrhoids Pain : Symptoms and Side Effects

Acute hemorrhoids pain is what happens when you shift too suddenly, when a hard or sharp bowel movement traumatizes a hemorrhoid, or when rough wiping sends limbic nerve signals flashing up into the brain.

This kind of hemorrhoids pain can cause continual fear, making people avoid normal life activities.

If fear of acute hemorrhoids pain goes too far, you can wind up living for your hemorrhoids instead of living anything resembling a normal life.

In addition, no matter how brave you try to be, acute hemorrhoids pain has distinct physiological side effects every time it happens.

Hemorrhoids pain is like any other pain, and pain is a red flag that something is wrong with you, that you are injured in some way. You have multiple instincts and body reactions to a perceived threat. Heart rate may go through the roof, blood pressure rises and neurotransmitters are all released to increase the body’s ability to fight or flee.

While the fight or flight instinct is meant for the body’s survival in extreme situations, repeated and unnecessary fight or flight responses can harm the body’s resilience over the long term, such as when suffering from hemorrhoids pain.


Chronic Hemorrhoids Pain : Symptoms and Side Effects

Chronic hemorrhoids pain introduces all new problems for both quality of life and the long term health of the body.

Hemorrhoids pain has a way of focusing the mind on the problem to the exclusion of all else, including work and relationships.

It’s not easy to go about one’s daily round, doing the work of one’s job and one’s life, when chronic hemorrhoids pain is always taking up mental power. Again, this is not related to how stoic one is or how much you want to function as normal. The human body has limitations, and while you may be able to work and live for a time with hemorrhoids pain, the quality of work and of your communications will inevitably suffer for it.

Chronic hemorrhoids pain can often lead to anxiety and depression.

Anxiety, because it’s in our nature to fear pain, such as hemorrhoids pain, and the consequences of it, depression because it seems as though we’ll never be free of the pain from our hemorrhoids.

No matter how much we may try and deny it, we are by nature pain avoiding and pleasure seeking beings.

Chronic hemorrhoids pain affects our memory.

Chronic hemorrhoids pain also decreases our working memory, crippling our ability to deal with day to day problems.

Of course, this lack of ability on our parts only increases the potential for stress, anxiety and depression.

It can seem as though we’re stuck in a vicious cycle, with hemorrhoids pain leading to dysfunction causing stress and depression leading to even more dysfunction.

The bad health effects of chronic hemroids pain.

The bad health effects of continual and unrelieved stress are rather well documented, although they haven’t yet been fully understood.

As far as researchers have been able to tell to date, it’s not a high level of unfortunate events that lead to stress-related health events but rather a lack of good events.

However, when suffering from chronic hemorrhoids pain, any experience that would be good or enjoyable under other circumstances can be utterly ruined.

You as a person, suffering hemorrhoids pain, may not have the ability to have any unmitigated enjoyment at all, thereby depressing the immune system, raising blood pressure and sapping the body’s reserves.

(above primarily written by Loni Ice)

What makes internal hemorrhoids pain different to external hemorrhoids pain?

Not every place on or in the body has nerve endings, nor would you want it to. The surface of your brain, for example, is completely without the ability to detect sensations or pain. The inside of your gastrointestinal tract is the same way. With the exception of a few areas, like the mouth and the first part of the esophagus, most of the tract has very little ability to “feel” anything. Sure the bowel has a way of sensing when it is full or distended, but it cannot feel things like your fingers can. This is quite a good thing, really, because it would be distinctly uncomfortable to feel the salad that you had for lunch make its way through the entire GI tract.

The situation changes right at the end of the GI tract, at the anus. In fact, there is a fairly sharp border at the anus between the area that we can feel (like the sensation in the fingers) and the area that we cannot. Toward the outside of the body, the anus is very densely populated with nerve endings and is quite sensitive. Just a short distance internally, however, the nerve endings vanish and the anus has very little ability to sense anything at all. The border between these two areas is called the pectinate line (synonymous with the dentate line). The pectinate line separates the upper two-thirds of the anal canal from the lower one-third. Despite occupying such a small amount of space, these two parts of the anal canal were developed from completely different tissues when we were fetuses.

Hemorrhoids occur when the blood vessels that surround the anus, usually veins, become fattened, distended, and thin. This can be due to a number of reasons including obesity, high blood pressure, chronic constipation, and other diseases of the blood vessels. Because of the anatomy of the area, hemorrhoids begin to bulge into the center of the GI tract. In severe cases of hemorrhoids, this inward bulging can be so extreme that the outward flow of feces can be partially blocked. Moreover, since these blood vessels are so close to the GI tract itself, the act of passing feces can lead to bleeding hemorrhoids. Patients with hemorrhoids often report, pain, blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet, and can feel bulges near their anus.

So why are hemorrhoids painful? Well, first of all, not all hemorrhoids are painful.

Because of this sharp demarcation between sensitive and insensitive areas of the anus, generally only hemorrhoids that are painful are external hemorrhoids (with some exceptions that we will discuss). Internal hemorrhoids, on the other hand, do not contact nerve endings. In fact, people suffering from simple internal hemorrhoids usually notice blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet, but no pain.

Why are external hemorrhoids painful?

Any place in the body where nerve endings are irritated can cause pain. Likewise, any place in the body that has nerve endings and bleeds, causes pain as well. Since external hemorrhoids irritate the very sensitive nerve endings in the anus and sometimes break open and bleed, they can cause a great deal of pain. People with external hemorrhoids generally seek medical attention soon after they first notice them. Online Internal and External Hemorrhoid treatment can be found here.

Why do some people report an itchy sensation with hemorrhoids?

Just as some irritated nerve endings on the skin cause an itch rather than overt pain, the same holds true for the anus—hemorrhoids may be irritating to nerve endings, but not specifically painful. Unlike an itch on the skin, however, that can be scratched and satisfied, itchy hemorrhoids cannot be scratched but rather need to be treated. By reducing the inflammation and engorgement of hemorrhoid blood vessels, the itchiness and pain can be abated.

Are there cases in which internal hemorrhoids can be painful?Absolutely.

While the pectinate line separates internal from external hemorrhoids and marks the separation between sensate and insensate sections of the anal canal that does not mean that hemorrhoids respect that line. In advanced anal pathology, the hemorrhoids can become mixed, internal and external. When a hemorrhoid becomes so large that it invades below the pectinate line, it will begin to be sensed by the nerves there, and the sensation of pain may be caused.

Continued from second column

When internal hemorrhoids grow, become irritated and inflamed, they can cause a great deal of itchiness and pain. Remember the analogy of the brain; millions of nerves but no sensory nerve endings means that the brain cannot feel pressure, pain, vibration, etc. This is why brain surgery can be conducted on awake individuals with local anesthesia only for the scalp, skull, and meninges (covering of the brain). Anyone that has had a headache knows that it certainly feels like the brain hurts. While the exact cause of headache still puzzles scientists, one leading theory is that it is the nerve endings in brain blood vessels are sensing pain. The analogy helps us to understand the processes involved in the anus. The anus is highly vascularized, meaning it has a lot of blood vessels in a small amount of space. Not only does this state lead to bleeding hemorrhoids, but inflammation of the blood vessels themselves can cause pain, even in internal hemorrhoids.

Why would these blood vessels become inflamed to the point where pain is caused in the internal hemorrhoid?

The blood vessels that comprise hemorrhoids have by definition become abnormal in size—the larger the hemorrhoids, the more abnormal the vessel usually becomes. These abnormal vessels make ideal places for blood clots to form. Blood clots alone can be enough to cause pain in some hemorrhoid cases. A blood clot in an artery or capillary impedes blood flow to the tissue. Tissue without blood flow is deprived of oxygen and nutrients and when the tissue is in this state, it creates pain signals (think blood flow blockage in a heart attack). A blood clot in a vein causes a backup of blood upstream and can lead to tissue inflammation itself.

Inadequate blood circulation often leads to infection as well. Not only are long-lasting blood clots a great place for infection to seed, but circulating immune system cells cannot reach all areas of the hemorrhoid to fight infection. Occasionally the infection can become so bad that it invades the surrounding tissue. If the infection becomes walled off it is called an abscess and abscesses usually require surgical drainage before they will heal.

Finally, internal hemorrhoids can prolapse or extend outside of the anal canal. An uncomplicated prolapsed internal hemorrhoid may not cause pain (certainly it will cause discomfort). However, if the prolapsed internal hemorrhoid is squeezed by the anal sphincter and blood flow is shut off it is considered a strangulated hemorrhoid and may be quite painful. In this case it is the nerve endings in blood vessels that register the pain.

Internal Hemorrhoid Pain Treatment

It is true that most hemorrhoids will go away with conservative medical treatment; however, sometimes surgical treatment is necessary. The term “surgical treatment” may seem more serious than it actually is. Many procedures are very quick, do not require anesthesia, and are rapidly effective. Unfortunately many people are too embarrassed to seek treatment for hemorrhoids and suffer needlessly. Or they ignore internal hemorrhoids because they are not (yet) causing pain. It is almost always easier to treat hemorrhoids when they are small and causing few symptoms than when they are advanced or complicated. When you consider that internal hemorrhoids can progress from a mild irritation to a serious health problem, it seems the prudent choice is to openly discuss the issue of hemorrhoids with a trained professional.

(above primarily written by M Sapko)

Piles / Hemroids / Hemorrhoids Pain Conclusion and Parting Words

Both chronic hemorrhoids pain and acute hemorrhoids pain, can rule and ruin your life if you let it. The negative effects that hemorrhoids pain, fear, anxiety and stress can have on you range far in excess of the other health effects of such a small lump of flesh.

  • Get the education you need to relieve your hemorrhoids pain symptoms and also to eventually get rid of your hemorrhoids completely. When you know where that strange bleeding comes from, you won’t endure nearly so much mental pain and anguish over it and the physical pain is often alleviated somewhat as a result. In addition, education can help you develop a plan to get rid of your hemorrhoids for good. We, as human beings, always suffer less fear and anxiety when we have a plan, and dealing with hemorrhoids pain works exactly the same way.
  • Be gentle and understanding with yourself and get the understanding of the people you love.You need treatment as a whole person, not just as the sum of your physical ailments. Explain what you’re hemorrhoids pain is like to your family, get their support and understanding. Create as pleasant an environment for yourself as possible, paying attention to soothing scents, pleasant sounds and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • By treating yourself as an integrated human instead of a machine to be pushed until it breaks, you’ll get through your hemorrhoids and it’s pain quicker and with less disruption to your life.

Hemorrhoids pain treatment is a vital part of any hemorrhoids treatment plan, that should never be neglected from a misplaced sense of stoic resolve. However, it should also never be used to ignore hemorrhoids, either. The proper place of hemorrhoids pain treatment is as part of an overall hemorrhoids healing and prevention strategy. If you try to avoid the other aspects of hemorrhoid healing and prevention, then hemorrhoids pain will eventually get so bad that no amount of hemorrhoids pain treatment will help. Take the opportunity for permanent hemorrhoids pain treatment and healing while you have it, and you’ll shortly not have to worry about hemorrhoids pain treatment again.

When fighting hemorrhoids pain, you can and should use all options at your disposal.

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and analgesics such as acetaminophen offer a first line of defense against hemorrhoids that are acting up.
  • Hot baths and ice packs can help increase circulation and decrease hemorrhoids pain.
  • The proper diet, water intake and exercise prevents hard, sharp or too compact bowel movements that cause hemorrhoids pain and trauma.

A lot of hemorrhoids pain can also be treated with the appropriate creams or ointments.

Topical over the counter hemorrhoid creams can be useful for exterior irritation and inflammation whether the actual hemorrhoid is internal or external, but you have to choose wisely.

PILLS, CREAMS, SUPPOSITORIES OR LOTIONS: How to treat hemorrhoid pain and gain relief from their other nasty and distressing symptoms too.


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